Essie Fall 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

You know, Chicago is currently teasing me right now with the weather. It gave me the most beautiful 60 degree days for a week, and now it’s bouncing around to 80s the next, back down to 60 and back up to 75. Just give me the cozy fall weather already!

Well, no matter what the weather is doing outside, I’m full on into fall and no one can stop me. I’ve grabbed a bounty of pumpkin scented candles from Bath & Body works, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s (the shaped ones always taste so much better than the originals), and I’ve gotten far too many pumpkin-cream cold brews from Starbucks. I’m going full BASIC and I love it.

So let’s continue right along with the fall collections, shall we? We’re still in the middle of the great blog post catch-up, and even though I’m deep into fall, I’ll have some bright summer collections that’ll pop up here and there as I work through my backlog. (It really just matches the weather). (I’m completing this on the 21st, but as with my other posts I’m putting the dates to match when they were posted on Instagram to keep them in order and spaced out!)

But focusing back on fall! Today we’re looking at the Essie fall collection! This is your standard 6 polish release, and it features 4 rich creams, and 2 shimmers. I grabbed these off of (where I grab all of my polishes really, they just have the best prices! If you purchase from there, be sure to put my name in the dropdown! It just helps show where you’re coming from!).

These are some stunning colors, so let’s just get into it already!

Up first we have ‘Adrenaline Brush’, a warm-toned brick red cream. This had a super smooth formula, and was basically opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 coats here for the photo as I always do.

Essie – Adrenaline Brush


‘Cargo Cameo’ is a deep warm brown base with bright orange shimmer to it. Though it had a super smooth 1st coat, there was a touch of nail line still peeking through. But a 2nd coat deepens up the color to match the bottle, as well as making it fully opaque.

Essie – Cargo Cameo

This color just screams fall to me and reminds me so much of like falling leaves! It’s absolutely stunning, and I’m so glad that shimmer wasn’t lost on the nails.

Essie – Cargo Cameo


Now this shade became one of my favorites, just because of how unique it is to my collection and fall collections as well! This is ‘Don’t Be Spotted’ and it’s a STUNNING bright yellow-orange base with bright golden shimmer.

Just like the others, it had a smooth 1st coat, with a touch of nail line still peeking through. I got it pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, but I think it’ll depend on how thick of coats you apply, and your preferences whether or not you’ll want to add a 3rd.

Essie – Don’t Be Spotted

But just LOOK at it, it almost just glows on the nails. And I absolutely loved it. Unconventional shades are always my favorites of the collections.

Essie – Don’t Be Spotted


‘Heart of the Jungle’ is a yellow-toned olive green cream shade. This had a stunning formula and easily could be opaque in just 1 coat. It was so smooth on the nails, and was just a solid cream formula all around. No complaints here!

Essie – Heart of the Jungle


The next cream shade is ‘Waterfall in Love’. This is a deep blue cream that definitely leans more towards purple. It’s very cool-toned and has almost a dustiness to it.

Another BEAUTIFUL formula, easily opaque in just 1 coat. Again, so smooth on the nails and just floats on so nicely.

Essie – Waterfall in Love


Last up, we have ‘Swing of Things’. This is a deep berry purple shade. It wasn’t quite as smooth as the previous two creams, and the 1st coat was a touch uneven. But a 2nd coat easily smoothed it all out, and made it opaque. Another good staple for the fall season.

Essie – Swing of Things


And that’s the collection! As usual, some stunning cream formulas here, and all were opaque in either 1 to 2 coats. The only one that MIGHT need a 3rd coat was ‘Don’t Be Spotted’ and that was my favorite shade of the bunch, so I’ll work for it any day. I think this is a fun, rich collection and overall, I think all of the shades work so well together.

Did any catch your eye?


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6 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Thanks for the swatches! I am still not sure if I am going to pick them up, I found them on discount already somewhere together with the Sunny Business collection. There are just too many good polishes!

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