Color Club ‘Social Status’ Collection – Swatches & Review

ALRIGHT, I’ve had coffee; I’m set up in the middle of my floor; it’s a dreary, rainy day; I’ve got a fall candle burning; I’ve got my big headphones on playing some upbeat music, IT’S TIME TO WRITE SOME BLOG POSTS.

The temperatures have finally settled over here, and it’s my favorite time of the year, and I just love it. Holiday collections may already be releasing (I know, a crazy thing to think about) but we still have plenty of fall shades to look at!

So today’s post features a selection of more traditional “fall” cream shades. It’s the ‘Social Status’ collection from a brand that’s slowly becoming one of my favorites, Color Club. They don’t release collections on a typical seasonal schedule, aka 4 collections a year. Rather they release a few at a time every couple of months, so there’s always so many new shades to choose from.

I grabbed these from the Color Club website. I always highly recommend following them on their Instagram, or signing up for their email list as they’ll notify you when they’re having sales! I grabbed these on a 50% off sale, which happens pretty frequently, and I’m here to help you all save money while simultaneously showing you some beautiful polish. You can also sign up for their rewards, which gives you points anytime you buy polish and adds up to money off of purchases!

Alright, let’s get into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Hashtag Sponsored’. (Yes these names are social media themed). This is a light beige cream with a dash of taupe to it, that gives it some cool undertones. This had a super smooth 1st coat, and could almost be opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 coats here as that’s my standard.

Color Club – Hashtag Sponsored


Next up we have ‘Influencer’. This is a rosy pink cream shade. Another smooth 1st coat, but I did have some more ridges peeking through. But it was an easy 2 coats to fully opaque.

Color Club – Influencer


Now of course we have to have our lovely burnt orange shade that I can’t get enough of in the fall time! This is ‘No Filter’, and I love it so much.

Another super smooth formula – the true theme of these creams is how easily they all go onto the nails, I was so impressed! This was a quick and easy 2 coats.

Color Club – No Filter


‘Do It For the ‘Gram’ is another classic fall staple color for me, a gorgeous olive-toned green cream. And broken record here, but another stunning formula. This was opaque in just 1 coat and just glided onto the nails like warm butter. Perfect to add to your collection if you don’t already have this color!

Color Club – Do It For the ‘Gram


This next color could seem a little less “traditional” for fall times amidst all of the deep and dusty vampy shades, but I loved it! It’s bright, but there’s something that’s at the same time almost “subdued” to the color that makes it still perfect for cooler temperatures for me!

This is ‘Clickbait’ and it’s a brighter, sky blue shade, with the lightest touch of purple to it. This was the one shade of the collection that felt almost crelly-like in the formula, so it did have a more streaky 1st coat than the others. But it was still just 2 easy coats to get fully opaque so it wasn’t that much of a difference!

Color Club – Clickbait


Last up we go back to those traditional deeper, vampier shades with ‘Follow Me’. This is a deeper, dusty purple cream shade.

And another super easy formula, this was an easy 1 coater!

Color Club – Follow Me


And that’s the collection! Overall it really impressed me, and the formulas were all so easy to work with! There were so many one-coaters, and every shade was easily opaque in just 2 coats. I think Color Club is definitely underrated, and when they release formulas like this, it shows!


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