Essie ‘Blue Moon’ Halloween 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

Behind the Scenes: I’m actually finishing up this review on December 6th. As mentioned too many times, I’m slowly catching up on a backlog of posts that built up when I took an unexpected couple of months break from blogging (and then I adjust the date to show when they were posted on Instagram – def follow my Insta as that’s more caught up). 90% of the polishes I review are still available to purchase (I don’t love to review SUPER limited edition things) but this is one post where it might be hard or almost impossible to find the shades at the point I’m writing! But I still wanted to get it posted up! I have the swatches, I don’t want them to go to waste. There’s a chance you can find these in certain target stores, or in a destash, so just in case, here are swatches!


I’m a big supporter of brands releasing Halloween collections and I fully think there should be MORE. Yes, this is a campaign I throw myself entirely behind. And this year, along with China Glaze who usually brings out some sort of Halloween release, Essie did as well! We are truly blessed.

This is the Blue Moon collection and it contains 6 super shimmery and sparkly shades. I actually managed to grab 5 of the 6 shades off of Target’s website. HOWEVER, tragedy struck and the package with 2 of the shades just got lost, so somewhere out in the world those polishes are hanging out. I hope they’re happy.

SO we’re unfortunately only looking at 3 of the 6 today. This collection was popular and I can see why! The 3 shades I don’t have are ‘Once in a Blue Moon’, a deep navy base with larger silver flakes; ‘Like a Charm’, a deep teal base with stunning bright green shimmer; and ‘Broom with a View’, a more gray-toned blue with silver shimmer.

Alright, let’s look at the shades that actually managed to make it to my doorstep!

Up first we have ‘So Stellar’. This is a shimmery silver, almost platinum gold base with flecks of yellow-gold sparkle all throughout. This had a sheer 1st coat, as it’s more of a super dense glittery base than a “full color” one, ja feel. It starts to build up with a 2nd. It could be set at this point, but it’ll depend on your preferences. I did add a 3rd to build up the color a touch more.

Essie – So Stellar

I love how it’s not a traditional Halloween color! I mean, this might not fully even scream Halloween to you, but I love the lil bit of “gruney-ness” it has with the different colors of sparkle. It’s still pretty, so I’m not questioning the theme.

Essie – So Stellar


‘Spells Trouble’ is a glittery light gray, with the slightest tone of purple to it. This had pretty well the same formula as ‘So Stellar’ above. It builds up well in 2 coats, and it’ll depend on your preferences whether you’re good to leave it there, or add a 3rd to build up the color a touch more.

Essie – Spells Trouble

That sparkle, I love it so much.

Essie – Spells Trouble


The last shade I was able to grab is ‘Payback’s a Witch’. (Yes there is a shade in the China Glaze Halloween collection with the same name, we all loved the pun this year.) This is a black shimmery base with flecks of bright lilac and golden shimmer. Maybe even some red in there? There’s a lot happening and it’s GORGEOUS.

It has a more sheer 1st coat, but it can be built up on the nail by swiping a couple of times onto the nail with each coat. Otherwise, it’s an easy 2 coats! Super smooth, and lovely.

Essie – Payback’s a Witch
Essie – Payback’s a Witch


And those are the shades I was able to grab! I loved the shimmery theme they chose to go for, and as mentioned it’s a more unique offering for Halloween! The finish is gorgeous, so I do hope Essie releases more shades in this formula. Just give me all of the glitter.

I know it’s a little more limited and harder to find, but there’s a chance it can be found in store still!


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