Loud Lacquer ‘Polishes of Xmas Past’ Collection – Swatches & Review

If any of y’all have been following me on Instagram for a while (which you should, that’s where swatches always get posted first), you might have seen that I’ve been watching a movie every single day of lockdown. It started as a fun project to pass the time and now I’m 286 movies deep and gunning for a full year. It’s now just who I am, movies are all that I have.

For October I switched it up and did 31 days of Halloween/spooky movies, and of course for December, I’ve been watching a Christmas movie every single day. (A surprise favorite was White Christmas, which I watched for the 1st time this year). What’re your favorite Christmas movies?

So of course when I saw the Christmas release from Loud Lacquer I just had to pick it up, because I mean it was basically made for me (and okay, you got me, I also do review all of the Loud Lacquer releases, small detail). This is the ‘Polishes of Xmas Past’ collection and it features 4 shades based off of various classic Christmas movies. I told you, it’s fitting. The set of 4 polishes and another special glitter shade named F*2020 come in a bundle for $55, or you can purchase the shades individually for $12.50-$13.50 each. They’re all available on the Loud Lacquer website.

I also grabbed their new holo collection as well, and that’ll be coming in a later post!

So let’s get into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Whoberry Pie’, from of course, the Grinch. This is a deep raspberry cream shade. This had an absolutely stunning formula and was pretty well opaque in just 1 coat. The color deepens up a touch with a 2nd coat, and it glides on so nicely to the nail.

Loud Lacquer – Whoberry Pie


Up next we have ‘Sh*tter’s Full’. This is my favorite in color of the group, and in name as Christmas Vacation is truly my favorite Christmas movie. Even after watching all of them this whole month, I still gotta go with Christmas Vacation as #1.

Luckily this shade doesn’t take inspiration from it’s name for the color, and it’s a smokey metallic gray base with a touch of green to it, and a gorgeous purple shift to it. This had a touch of a sheer 1st coat, but it was smooth and easily opaque in just 2 coats.

Loud Lacquer – Sh*tter’s Full

And yes, you’re getting lots of photos of that gorgeous shifty goodness.

Loud Lacquer – Sh*tter’s Full
Loud Lacquer – Sh*tter’s Full


‘Ya Filthy Animal’, named after another classic Home Alone, is a stunning deep blue shimmer. This shade had some squishiness to it than a normal cream. Not quite a crelly, but it wasn’t fully opaque on that first coat. But it still built up easily in 2 coats, and ends up fully opaque overall.

Loud Lacquer – Ya Filthy Animal

And that shimmer, I just love.

Loud Lacquer – Ya Filthy Animal


Last up we have a topper. This is ‘Ninnymuggins’, after the classic phrase “I’m a cotton-headed Ninnymuggins” from another favorite, Elf. This is a clear base with larger iridescent hexagon pieces, and smaller iridescent glitters. Here I have it as one coat over ‘Ya Filthy Animal’.

As you can see, you can either build it up, as on the ring and pinky fingers, or wipe off the brush to create a more scattered look like on my first two nails. The pieces are easy to pick up, and easy to paint on where they lay flat on the nail. It’s a super fun, wintery topper that’ll be perfect to add to different bases!

Loud Lacquer – Ninnymuggins (over Ya Filthy Animal)
Loud Lacquer – Ninnymuggins (over Ya Filthy Animal)

And 1 coat over ‘Whoberry Pie’.

Loud Lacquer – Ninnymuggins (over Whoberry Pie)
Loud Lacquer – Ninnymuggins (over Whoberry Pie)


And that’s the collection! There were easy formulas overall, no polishes required more than 2 coats and they were smooth to paint on. I have no complaints, and the colors are perfect for winter. Of course, my favorite is ‘Sh*tter’s Full’ for that unique color – if you’re looking to grab just one shade.


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4 thoughts on “Loud Lacquer ‘Polishes of Xmas Past’ Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. With each polish, I kept thinking “That’s my favorite!!! No, actually that’s my favorite! Wait, actually…” such a great collection and a little different for a holiday set! That topper would look good over all the polishes, love it when a collection is so well coordinated. Cannot wait to see your review of their holos, I am soooo tempted by them even though I just got a bunch of new a-englands.

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