OPI ‘Hollywood’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Look at her getting back to blogging in a timely manner! We did it, 2021 is really a new year, new me moment. Alright enough kidding myself, but I really have been feeling so inspired and back in love with blogging again, and I’m just so ready to talk about all of the makeup and nail polish with you all! I’ve been feeling more productive and back into more of a routine, and I’m so excited to talk about so much nail polish and makeup with all of you.

So let’s get into it! It’s officially spring here on the blog! That’s right, as we’re in the middle of a Polar Vortex here in Chicago, as I let my faucets drip to help keep my pipes from freezing over this next week of single digit temperatures, we’re talking about spring on the nails. Spring waits for no one in the nail polish world.

Spring collections are dropping from our mainstream brands, and OPI is kicking it all off for us. This is the ‘Hollywood’ collection for Spring 2021. With this collection, also celebrating 40 years of OPI, they say they’re returning to their birthplace in Hollywood. There are a lot of light pinks and peachy creams, some bright pops of jewel-tones and a metallic and a scattered holographic shade. Overall it’s a varied color palette that we haven’t seen before and I was so excited.

Of course I bought this from my favorite site, PolishPick.com. As I say in every review about them, they have the best OPI prices and allow me to grab all of these collections to talk about with you all. Definitely go check them out.

We have a traditional 12 shade collection to look through, so let’s get right into the swatches!

First up we have ‘Movie Buff’. This is a super light peachy cream shade. There’s almost some purple undertones to it, but it definitely has some warm peachy-ness as well. This had a streaky 1st coat, which I always expect with such white-based shades. It builds up well in 2 coats, and for most people with smoother nails, you might be good here at 2. I did add a 3rd to smooth out the last few patches I had from my super ridgey nails.

OPI – Movie Buff


‘Hollywood & Vibe’ is much the same warm peachy base tone, with much more pink to it, an almost bubblegum pink shade. And it had pretty much the same formula as the shade above. Streaky 1st coat, but it builds up well in 2 coats. Again, most with smoother nails will be good in 2, but I did add a 3rd to fully even out any last patches.

OPI – Hollywood & Vibe


‘Suzi Calls the Paparazzi’, a nice rosy, warm-toned cream. This was a super easy two coat formula, no issues with application here.

OPI – Suzi Calls the Paparazzi


‘I’m an Extra’ is the companion to ‘Suzi Calls the Paparazzi’ above, though much peachier and warm-toned. Another easy two coat formula here, the cream shades in this collection are truly so lovely and nice to paint on.

OPI – I’m an Extra


‘Bee-hind the Scenes’ (get it, like bee and yellow, but behind the scenes, get it) is a light, buttercup yellow cream. A streaky 1st coat, which again I expected with a lighter, white-based shade like this, especially a yellow. It could be opaque with a 2nd coat, but I did prefer 3 thinner coats to fully cover any streaks or patches. A pretty standard formula for a light yellow.

Bee-Hind the Scenes


‘Rated Pea-G’ (okay yes, this one made me laugh) is deeper and more cool-toned than what I would call a true pea green, but I won’t argue. It’s almost a grass green, with some blue undertones and muted-ness (yes I’m just adding “ness” to anything for an adjective) to it.

This had an absolutely beautiful formula as well and is opaque in just 1 coat. So smooth and buttery on the nails, and a perfect cream formula.

Rated Pea-G


’15 Minutes of Flame’ is one of our two non-creams of the collection. This is a bright fuchsia shimmer shade. And it had another stunning formula, basically opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner ones here as is my custom and it’s so bright on the nails.

OPI – 15 Minutes of Flame

I love how it almost glows on the nails, and that shimmer is just beautiful, almost a metallic.

OPI – 15 Minutes of Flame


‘Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar?’ is an iconic juicy, Hollywood red that we’re all here for. It’s definitely more cool-toned and leans more into a true cherry-candy red. It had a smooth 1st coat and was almost opaque, but I had just the slightest nail line still peeking through. But an easy 2 coats overall. OPI can always do a red cream and this is no exception.

OPI – Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar?


And now what I think will be the true star of the collection. This is a follow up to probably the most iconic OPI shade out there, ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ which is a deep metallic red shimmer. And now for the 40th anniversary, we have its partner. This is ‘I’m Really an Actress’. Its the same deep metallic red base, but “upgraded” with scattered holographic sparkles.

This had a great formula, almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did notice the color deepen up to match its base with a 2nd coat and it was fully opaque after that. Definitely a favorite for obvious reasons.

OPI – I’m Really an Actress

It’s a great follow up, and I do love when brands give nods to iconic shades in their lineup. It was done so well, and I definitely loved it.

OPI – I’m Really an Actress


‘Destined to be a Legend’ is a lovely dusty gray cream shade, with undertones of blue to it. It has a squishy-ness to it in that it’s a little more uneven and sheer for the first coat. But a 2nd coat easily smoothed it all out and made it fully opaque.

OPI – Destined to be a Legend


‘Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?’ is a dusty, almost muted blue shade. Or purple? It’s right in between, but does definitely pull more purple than other blue shades I have? It’s quite an interesting shade, and I enjoy these tones a lot. Another great formula here, practically opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner coats here, and it’s a super smooth cream.

OPI – Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?


And last up we have our deepest shade of the bunch. This is ‘Award For Best Nails Is…”. It’s a deep navy blue cream shade, though in my brighter lights it can almost seem jelly-like, with it’s “sheerness” and lighter color around the cuticles. Again, almost opaque in just 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. Another easy formula!

And surprisingly easy cleanup – I did wear this for a day, and didn’t have any issues with staining, or blue fingers when I removed it.

OPI – Award for Best Nails Goes To…


And that’s the collection! Looking at all of these shades together, I think it’s an interesting color story that hasn’t been done before. There are beautiful cream formulas all around, and I loved what they did with ‘I’m Really an Actress’. I could have a shade of every color with that finish, and I hope it’s something that continues.

There are lighter, more white-based shades that require more coats, but overall I didn’t have any glaring issues with any of the shades. Do any of these catch your eye?


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5 thoughts on “OPI ‘Hollywood’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I had heard about “I’m Really An Actress” and was super interested but now I’m questioning myself. I can’t wait to grab a bottle and check it out. Also, OPI has done quite a few like “Destined to be a Legend” but I’m a sucker each time! OPI “Alpaca My Bags” was on my list forever and I finally got it but it was super patchy for me! I want to try again with a ridge filling base coat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s really even more beautiful in person!
      And I fully know I have this color like 9 times over in my collection but you’re right, I’m also a sucker each time! 😂 When I get my collection fully swatched I want to get back into comparisons so I can pull them out and not hoard them any longer. And oh man, I get that! My nails definitely make polishes more streaky because of their ridges, so I’m sure the ridge filling base coat would help!


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