Orly ‘Day Trippin’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re continuing right along with spring collections, and I’ve been loving all of the different and more unique color stories that have come out this year and season! Of course, I’ll always have a soft spot for pastels and light cream shades, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t living for these beautiful cream shades. And speaking of beautiful creams, today we’re looking at the Orly release for Spring 2021!

This came with my Orly Color Pass! I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Color Pass so many times before, but of course for new readers I like to summarize it. It’s a service through Orly where you pay up front once, and then throughout the year you get 4 Orly collections automatically shipped to you. Each box also always comes with different little extras – this one came with a full sized bottle of Orly Bonder, one of my favorite base coats, and a cute little key chain. It’s great IF you’re already planning on buying each of the collections anyways, like I do. But of course, if you’re only interested in individual shades, there are websites to buy them as well! It’s a great value – again, if you’re already planning on buying the collections or just want to try out some more Orly products!

Anyways, this collection is called ‘Day Trippin’. This collection is their traditional 6 bottle release, and features 6 rich cream shades. I loved this color story all together, and can’t wait to dive into swatches already, so let’s do it!

First up is ‘Can You Dig It?’. This is a lovely rosy mauve-y cream shade. This also had a stunning formula and was opaque in just 1 easy coat. It was so smooth to paint on, and I was so impressed, a great start to the collection.

Orly – Can You Dig It?


Next up is ‘Kitsch You Later’. This is a super bright and saturated orange cream shade. This will need a 2nd coat, as the first one was definitely a touch more streaky and sheer. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, and will be good for most people in just 2. I did add a 3rd to cover up any last patches caused by the ridges in my nails.

Orly – Kitsch You Later


‘Here Comes the Sun’ is a gorgeous mustard yellow cream shade, like a perfect French’s mustard shade. This had a similar formula as the orange above, where most people will have it fully opaque with 2 thicker coats. Again, I added a 3rd to fully smooth out and cover any patches left from the ridges in my nails. But a lovely bright yellow for springtime!

Orly – Here Comes the Sun


As you can guess, one of my favorite shades of the collection, this is ‘Happy Camper’. This is a bright minty-green cream shade. It definitely leans more green than a true sky blue shade. It had a streaky 1st coat, which I always say I expect with such light, white-based shades like this. It was pretty good with 2 coats, though I had a few streaks still peeking through that I smoothed out with a 3rd coat.

Orly – Happy Camper


‘Let the Good Times Roll’ is a deep, rich teal cream shade. It had a more squishy 1st coat than I was expecting for such a deep shade, and was a touch sheer and uneven. But it easily covers and is fully opaque in a 2nd coat. A lovely formula, and I love the deeper shades for the springtime as well – vampy shades last all year for me, okay.

Orly – Let the Good Times Roll


And last up, we have our deepest shade of the bunch. This is ‘Feeling Foxy’, and it’s a deep, almost black gray cream shade with a touch of purple to it. This was almost opaque in just 1 coat, and was a super smooth formula. Two easy coats here.

Orly – Feeling Foxy


And that’s the collection! I love the inclusion of the deeper shades with brighter, more “typical” spring shades. I’ve been really enjoying the different spring color palettes that were released this year, and more unique spring shades. Are there any here that catch your eye?


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4 thoughts on “Orly ‘Day Trippin’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I know this is last year’s collection, but I still love it! I am wearing a skittle mani of all the colors except for Feeling Foxy right now. All the colors can be worn in multiple seasons. Orly nailed (pun intended) this collection!

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