China Glaze ‘Cali Dreams’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’ve had a little tease of 3 days of 60 degree weather and I was THRIVING. I had my windows open, I could hear birds chirping, feel a lovely breeze, I remembered why I enjoy spring so much. And then that ended and we’re back down to 40s and I miss the warmth already, the TRAGEDY of being in the midwest. It’s that false spring that gets you every time.

So let’s look at some more lovely spring collections to take our feelings off of it, shall we?

This is the ‘Cali Dreams’ collection and it’s China Glaze’s release for Spring 2021. It features 8 cream shades in shades of orange, peach, coral and blue! I love the theme with the orange and blue together, and they really look so lovely together. It’s a perfect sunny and warm collection when the weather got a little cool again.

As always, I grabbed this from my main love, These are gorgeous colors, so let’s get into the swatches already!


Up first we have ‘I’m No Tourist’. This is a super light beige cream shade with some peachy undertones. It pulls warmer but it definitely has some pink to it as well on me. This did have a streaky 1st coat, but it builds up well in 2 coats. I added a 3rd to cover any last streaks from the ridges in my nails, but most people will be good with just 2 coats.

China Glaze – I’m No Tourist


‘Tangerine Heat’ is the first of our two oranges. This is a bright creamsicle orange with some pink peachy-ness to it. Now, I will admit this one wasn’t my favorite formula. Due to the ridges in my nails, I’m used to adding another coat where most people won’t have to, so 3 coats really isn’t ever an issue for me. But with this one, I felt that even after 3 thicker coats, I was having streaks, and it just didn’t feel as smooth as it could. And with those thicker coats, it was feeling thick and goopy on the nails. Overall it just wasn’t as great of a cream formula that I know China Glaze can do, and there are better cream formulas in this same collection, and I feel I have very similar oranges with better formulas from China Glaze, so this just might be a pass.

I don’t ever love being negative especially when the shade is so gorgeous, but of course I’m always here to keep it honest with you all!

China Glaze – Tangerine Heat


‘Sunny You Should Ask’ is a deeper, more coral toned shade than ‘Tangerine Heat’ above. My camera was pulling it even more warm than it was, as there’s definitely some pink tones to it. A much easier formula here, and an easy 2 coats for most. I did add a 3rd to cover my ridges, but most will be good with 2.

China Glaze – Sunny You Should Ask


‘Vacay Dreams’ is the first of two more pinky-peachy shades. This one is a lovely peachy-pink shade. It’s still got those orange tones to it, but it’s definitely heading into more pink territory. This was another easy 2 coats, and super smooth on the nails. Lovely for the spring time coming up!

China Glaze – Vacay Dreams


‘Sunset Crew’ is much brighter and more pink, with some coral tones to it. Again, no complaints here, and a gorgeous color with an easy 2 coat formula. So lovely, and I can’t wait to wear this one in the summer.

China Glaze – Sunset Crew


And now we head into our 3 blues!

First up is ‘Live in the Mo-Mint’. This is a soft light blue with a tinge of minty green to it. It does look very green here, but if you place it to other greens, it’ll definitely blue, you feel? It’s minty but not so minty. It’s a pretty streaky 1st coat, which I always expect with such light, white-based shades like this. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I did add a 3rd for any patches from my ridges.

China Glaze – Live in the Mo-Mint


‘Surfside Skies’ is a light, almost periwinkle blue cream shade. Again, pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I did add a 3rd to cover up any patches I had from the ridges in my nails.

China Glaze – Surfside Skies


Last up we have ‘Shore Feels Good’, and this shade gave me the most issues trying to get it color correct! My camera just never shows teals quite right. It’s even more saturated and bright in real life, but I most wanted to capture the teal tones popping out – it definitely has some green undertones to it, and is just stunning.

It was an easy 2 coat formula and so stunning!

China Glaze – Shore Feels Good


And that’s the collection! Overall, except for one shade, I had no complaints and they were all pretty much 2 coat formulas. I loved the color story they chose with this one – China Glaze is fantastic at more monochromatic collections, and this one is no exception! A unique color story, and it really just feels so sunny and warm! Are you going to pick up any shades?


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2 thoughts on “China Glaze ‘Cali Dreams’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I agree these look nice together. I’m at the stage of collecting where cremes aren’t calling out to me like they used to, so don’t think I’ll be getting any of these, pretty as some of them are.

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