Zoya ‘Dreamin’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re continuing right along with the blog backlog! These collections have been up on my Instagram for a while, but of course I wanted to get the corresponding blog posts up as well! I still like to get these up even if it’s been a while so there’s a later reference to come back! These aren’t limited edition shades, so anytime you might want to look them up and grab them, you’ll have this to look at. And it can be hard to scroll through posts on Instagram to find specific shades, so that’s where the blog posts come in. Alright enough rambling about why, let’s just get into the post!

Zoya recently released their Easy Neons collection, but it wasn’t their full summer release, so we got another 6 piece collection for that! This is the ‘Dreamin’ collection, and it features 6 shades for Summer 2021. It has a range of more corals, pinks, purples and blues. As always I did grab this off of the Zoya website in a nice little bundle deal that included the wide brushes. (Side note: can Zoya make these normal, or an option to have them automatically included? I have so many skinny brushes just saved up from switching over that I just don’t know what to do with. ANYONE ELSE? Okay I’m done with that.)

Let’s get into the swatches!

As mentioned, I do have the wide brushes in these. Zoya shades normally come with their skinnier brushes, which can make the shades a touch more streaky. I prefer the wide brushes for a smooth and quicker application, so that can change it a -touch-. But I don’t think it’ll elevate any sort of terrible formula enough to work with, so if a formula is not great, it’ll be that way in both brushes. Not that any of these formulas are bad at all. Just wanted to make sure that was noted!


Up first we have ‘Desi’. This is a bright coral-red cream shade. This had a more sheer and squishy 1st coat than I expected, with a touch of jelly-ness to the formula. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, but if you’re being picky (or looking at it up close in bright lights like me) you might want a 3rd to fully cover any last nail line.

As always, I have live swatches from my Instagram, so feel free to check those out to see the formulas in action!

Desi Live Swatch

Zoya – Desi


Up next is the first of 2 creams. ‘Polly’ is the more warm-toned of the two, and almost leans a little more coral as a mid-toned pink cream. And this was the gorgeous Zoya cream formula I’ve come to expect! 2 easy coats and super smooth to paint on, absolutely lovely!

Polly Live Swatch

Zoya – Polly


The other pink of the collection is ‘Darla’. This is much more cool-toned and leans almost purple in shade. And again, another easy 2 coats here, another super smooth cream formula and no complaints!

Darla Live Swatch

Zoya – Darla


Up next we have ‘Skipper’, a bright, almost neon purple shade. Now, Zoya themselves said this had the same formula as their Easy Neons collection, and I immediately got a little worried. (See my Easy Neons review here for why). I was like, alright here we go again.

Now it does feel like the neons – it’s more squishy, and more of a crelly formula and a more sheer 1st coat. It’s almost opaque in 2 coats, and I added a 3rd coat to fully even it out. I will say it does feel more opaque than the Easy Neons, and is fully smooth and bright after that 3rd coat. It dries more satin-matte like other neons, so you can add a top coat for a more glossy finish. Like alright, I’m more happy with this one, and it’s a gorgeous shade, but I’m still wary of the Easy Neons overall 😂

Skipper Live Swatch

Zoya – Skipper


‘Mateo’ is a bright, more cool-toned blue cream. This definitely leans into more purple as blues go. This had a more uneven 1st coat, but evened out and was fully opaque in just 2 coats. Another easy formula!

Now I do notice that sometimes blue polishes can be stronger smelling, and straight up stink more than a normal nail polish smell – it must be something with pigments. This is definitely one of them, so just a warning for that!

Mateo Live Swatch

Zoya – Mateo


And last up, of course the shade I was most excited for. This is ‘Summer’ and it’s a deeper blue base with tons of bright aqua-golden shimmer to it. It’s SO gorgeous and reminds me so much of sparkling water, perfect for summer!

This is a touch thinner, so I did build it up in 3 thinner coats. BUT I mean come on look at that color and finish. It’s an easy 3 coats, so I don’t mind the “extra work” for the shade.

Summer Live Swatch

Zoya – Summer

I mean, come on, just look at that shimmer.

Zoya – Summer


And that’s the collection for Summer! There’s some lovely bright shades in there, and some great formulas overall. I won’t be commenting on whether a collection is “boring” anymore, since different colors always appeal to different people, and what might be “boring” to others could be exciting and a perfect shade to others. SO even if you think Zoya releases more “boring” collections, of course I’m here to review the formula and performance! And then you can decide on your color preferences.

As I said, there are some great cream formulas here, and super smooth polishes. ‘Desi’ and ‘Summer’ are the only 2 I had to add a 3rd coat to, otherwise they’re all easy 2 coat formulas, and I can’t complain!


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