Static Nails ‘Mad Happy’ 2021 (4 Shades) – Swatches & Review


We have a new to the blog brand today! Static Nails was so kind to reach out and offer to send over 4 shades from their new Mad Happy collection to try, and I picked out 4 colors that I can never get enough of. As always, though it was provided to me for free, I was not obligated to post, and I never promise a positive review so of course we’ll review these shades just the same as if I purchased them myself.

Static Nails is best known for their reusable press-on nail sets. But they also offer regular nail polish that they call Liquid Glass Nail Lacquer. And their newest release and “capsule” collection is the Mad Happy release. This features 12 new shades as well as 1 re-released shade for a total of 13 shades. As mentioned I have 4 shades to show. And I just want to say they’re the cutest little bottles too.

Now these do retail for $16 each – that can seem pricey to some, but I never want to comment on what’s expensive or not because overall I don’t know everyone’s budget! Just something to keep in mind, and in the end everyone chooses to spend their own money! Okay, I’m done now, all of the disclaimers are out there, let’s get into the swatches!

Well OF COURSE I had to pick the rich cream orange, y’all! This first shade is ‘Sunny Face’ and it’s a saturated deeper orange shade. This had a touch of a squishier formula – so a little jelly-ness added into the cream formula. This was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, though you might want to add a 3rd for any last nail line peeking through. But it’s so lovely, just look at it!

As always, I linked up the live swatches so you can see it in action.

Sunny Face Live Swatch

Static Nails – Sunny Face


Up next is ‘Peachy Keen’. I can’t say how much I also love light oranges like this, because I’m going to repeat that for all 4 shades because duh that’s why I picked them specifically. But just know I do okay.

This is a creamiscle orange shade. This surprised me in the best way and was a stunning formula! Just 2 coats and fully opaque, which is amazing for such a light, white-based shade like this. I’m here to gush, it was so nice.

Peachy Keen Live Swatch

Static Nails – Peachy Keen


And of course with any new brand I gotta try out the yellow to see what they’re bringing to the table. This is ‘On the Brightside’ and it’s a light buttercup yellow cream. There’s maybe just a touch of orange to it as well.

Now I will never hold back when I don’t like a yellow formula – I’m picky at this point, I have ones I like so if they disappoint me I will just say so. So it says something when I say that once again, this is a gorgeous formula. A light pastel yellow and it’s opaque in just 2 coats! I did add a 3rd on my ridgey nails, but most will be able to get it opaque in just 2! I’m so impressed!

On the Brightside Live Swatch

Static Nails – On the Brightside


Last up, we have ‘Little Beach House’, a gorgeous aqua blue shade with some sea foam green to it. I love it, and this is a great summer shade. Again, another easy 2 coat formula here and no complaints! It was super smooth to paint on.

Little Beach House Live Swatch

Static Nails – Little Beach House


And those are the 4 shades I have to show you today! I have to say I was super impressed with the 4 I tried, and now I’m so interested in picking up others! There’s some gorgeous bright pinks and corals in the collection as well!

What do you think? Have you ever heard of this brand?


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