Olive & June Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review


We’re looking at a new to the blog brand today! We’re talking about Olive & June. Now I’ve seen them floating around all over Instagram – those white caps are easy to spot and recognize anywhere, and I had been so curious. And when this summer collection was revealed, I knew it was TIME. They’re $8 each, so less expensive than other more indie-mainstream brands I’ve seen so I thought why not! Let’s look into it!

As mentioned, this is the O&J release for Summer 2021. It features 7 cream shades over a lovely rainbow of colors. I grabbed this off of the Olive & June website – NOW I of course always want to honest and upfront and say that that link is an affiliate link! If you shop through it, I’ll earn a commission on any purchase through it. BUT you are not at all required to shop through it – you can just hit the normal oliveandjune.com. Of course, this doesn’t mean I would ever hold back my opinions on formulas – I’ll always be honest about my feelings and how the polishes perform, and you’ll especially be able to see so in the live swatches! And since I’m always here to be upfront, I just wanted to mention that! I still purchased these entirely on my own and I’m not at all required to review them for the program, and I voluntarily signed up.

And a quick tip: you can pop on off that bigger white top for a smaller handle that’s easier to hold! Okay let’s look at these shades!

Up first we have the lighter of the two pinks. ‘Hot Strawberry’ is a bright, warm-toned medium pink cream shade. This builds up well in just 2 coats, but depending on your preferences and application, you might want a 3rd to smooth any last patches out.

As always, I linked to live swatches I did so you can see the brush and formula in action.

Hot Strawberry Live Swatch

Olive & June – Hot Strawberry


‘Cherry Crush’ is the deeper and a touch more cool toned pink shade, leaning almost fuchsia. This has a smooth 1st coat and is pretty well opaque in just 2 coats! Super lovely formula to work with.

Cherry Crush Live Swatch

Olive & June – Cherry Crush


Continuing through the rainbow, of course up next we have is our orange! This is ‘Orange Wedge’, and what else can I say, it’s orange 😂 A nice, warm, yellow toned orange cream.

This is pretty well opaque in 2 coats, but if you’re also looking through a camera lens in bright lighting, you might want a 3rd to cover any last patches.

Orange Wedge Live Swatch

Olive & June – Orange Wedge


You guessed it, ‘Lemony Lemon’ is a lemon-yellow cream shade. Nothing more to say there!

Now just because I am in an ambassador program for a brand doesn’t mean I would ever compromise my honesty about formulas. So I’ll say right out that this shade wasn’t a favorite. It’s a more sheer, almost jelly-like formula. It’s the most sheer of the collection, and I didn’t get as much jelly feel from any of the other shades. Even after 3 coats, it felt uneven and still showed nail line through. Since it’s not advertised as a jelly, I was a little disappointed. I have other yellows like this with better and more opaque formulas.

Lemony Lemon Live Swatch

Olive & June – Lemony Lemon


‘Lime Fizz’ is a well, lime green cream shade. It also leans more yellow-toned and is truly a lime green. I built this shade up in 3 thin coats on the nails.

Lime Fizz Live Swatch

Olive & June – Lime Fizz


‘Blueberry Smash’ is a bright, saturated blue shade with some definite teal undertones – so of course my camera didn’t like it. Idk what it’s got against more teal shades. I tried to correct as much as I could to get those green undertones to pop – and it’s even brighter in person.

This was 2 easy coast, maaaaaybe 3 if you’re being super picky. But I think 2 for most people!

Blueberry Smash Live Swatch

Olive & June – Blueberry Smash


Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Grape Soda’. This is our bright, warm toned purple shade. This was one of the most opaque shades and is easily covered in just 2 coats. Super nice to work with and one of my favorites!

Grape Soda Live Swatch

Olive & June – Grape Soda


And that’s the collection! We have a lovely range of brighter colors for summer, and overall some nice formulas here. The yellow was disappointing for me, but I was able to make the other shades work! I did notice that Olive & June seemed to have a thinner formula overall, so you’ll notice more often 3 coats for full coverage creams. But I’m glad I tried them, and am interested in seeing what their future releases are like! As always, it’ll depend on your own preferences, and what you’re looking for in a shade.

What do you think of these?


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