Orly ‘POP!’ Summer 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Oh you probably thought I was just GONE, didn’t ya! Well NOPE, you won’t ever get rid of me. Don’t you WORRY, I’ve still been buying mounds of nail polish and I still have lots and lots of shades to show you. This here blog isn’t going ANYWHERE, and in fact, as we continue on in this summer I only want to get more and more consistent in my posting again. Because I MISS Y’ALL. And I just like talking about nail polish, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

ANYWAYS, let’s talk about this next collection shall we? We have a few more summer releases to look at still, more shades for the warm weather coming out.

This is the POP! collection and it’s Orly’s release for Summer 2022. It features 4 cream shades, 1 shimmer and 1 topper. As always, I got this in my Orly Color Pass. If you’ve seen any of my previous posts about Orly you know what that is – but just in case you’re new here, it’s a special that Orly does where you pay up front, and then throughout the year you’re automatically sent 4 of Orly’s seasonal releases. And they always contain an extra fun goodie in each box. I always say it’s a deal if you’re already planning on grabbing all of the collections like me. But you can also purchase one box at a time now to try it out! So lovely all around. Otherwise, these shades are available individually on the Orly website.

We have some gorgeous colors here, so let’s get right on into the swatches! Let’s see if these shades do truly POP. (Sorry, I had to).

Up first we have the one shimmer shade of the bunch. This is ‘Don’t Pop My Balloon’, and it’s a cool-toned pink shimmer. It’s an almost rosy, blush toned shade with golden shimmer all throughout. This was an easy 2 coat formula for me, smooth to paint on. With that shimmer you do get a touch of brushstrokes – most level out on their own but you can paint as straight as possible on the nails to help it out as well.

Don’t Pop My Balloon – Live Swatch


‘Crash the Party’ is a bright, almost neon purple shade, with some definite warm tones to it. This had a little more of a squishy formula – like there’s some jelly to it – so the first coat was more uneven. But a 2nd coat easily covered and made it fully opaque. A perfect bright for the warm weather!

Crash the Party – Live Swatch


Continuing right along we have ‘Rinse & Repeat’, a GORGEOUS summery medium blue shade. It has some warm tones to it, and it just feels so light and fresh. Hopefully you get enough information about the color from “light and fresh” šŸ˜‚

ANYWAYS, this has a STUNNING formula as well. This was practically opaque in just 1 coat as you’ll see in the swatch video. I did 2 as is my routine, but it was so smoooooth and lovely.

Rinse & Repeat – Live Swatch


This next shade just might be a contender for my favorite of this release. This is ‘Connect the Dots’ and it’s a bright coral shade. It was pulling WAY more orange in my camera, but it definitely has some pink to it – right in between pink and orange. And I’m a sucker for corals.

Again, a touch more squishy with a little more jelly to the cream formula – so I had a touch of nail line peeking through after that 1st coat. But a 2nd coat easily made it opaque and smooth, no complaints!

Connect the Dots – Live Swatch


And now the last full color shade! This is ‘Claim to Fame’ and it’s a bright, primary yellow shade. There are some definite orange tones to it, keeping it from being a true buttercup yellow. I always find yellow formulas a touch more finicky – this one was pretty well opaque in 2 coats though for a few nails I did need a 3rd to cover some last patches on my nails.

Not the best yellow formula, but not the worst I’ve ever worked with. It’ll just take a touch more work than the other creams in the collection.

Claim to Fame – Live Swatch


And the last shade of the bunch is a shimmer topper! This is ‘Just an Illusion’ and it’s a clear base with scattered golden holographic shimmers all throughout. And here it is as 1 coat over the creams in the collection. It distributes well and adds a nice little subtle shimmer to any base underneath it.

Just an Illusion – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! It’s a fun little release with some bright colors for the summer! Overall the formulas were great as well – with just that yellow needing a 3rd coat. Do any of these shades catch your eye?


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2 thoughts on “Orly ‘POP!’ Summer 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Got the color pass, and mostly liked this collection. Anything leaning orange is usually not a good fit for my skin tone, so I gave the stink eye to Claim to Fame and Connecting the Dots. The Illusions topper kept them from being fails for me.

    The rest of the collection is right up my alley, especially that disco-pink. I could swear I had polish just a little more mauve-y than that one in 1978!


    • That frosty finish definitely is reminiscent of older polishes and I so enjoyed! This was just so fun and had a little something for everyone – so understandable for the oranges as well, they can vary so much from person to person!


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