SwatchWeek – Day 1 – Formula X The Effects Nail Polish

Welcome to SwatchWeek! This whole week, (Monday through Friday) I’ll be uploading new posts of polishes hanging out in my stash that need to be loved. Most, if not all, of these polishes are still available to buy, so last minute Christmas ideas? Yes? Christmas gift ideas for yourself? More likely.

Let’s get into Day 1 with some Formula X!

A while back, when I was in Vegas for a conference, we spent a free day shopping, so of course we wandered to Sephora. I had to *of course* look at the nail polish. Formula X had their ‘Effects’ Nail polishes on sale for $5. FIVE. DOLLARS. These are normally $15 a piece, so I immediately snatched up any colors they had left on display. I got 3 this day.

The Effects are nail polishes of differing textures and finishes.

So let’s get into the swatches!

The first two are from the Sea Glass collection – this came out Spring 2015.

First is ‘Marine’. This is a bright blue base with silver shimmers throughout. This was 2 easy coats. These do dry textured, but a softer texture. They’re not as gritty as a PixieDust, or the L’Oreal Gold Dust formulas. They’re super easy to control and apply, and absolutely lovely.

(Also I apologize in advance for my lighting switch. I’m at my parent’s home this week, and left all of my lighting behind. But I think you can still see the full effect!)



Next up is ‘Whirlpool’. This one is a dark gray base with almost a purple tone to it, with silver  and pink shimmers throughout. I used 3 coats for this one to cover any patches. Again, super easy to control and apply. These are such interesting polishes.



The other one I have today is called ‘Sci Fi’, and it was from a Celestial collection. This is a good name for it, because this polish confounds me a little. In a good way. This is a super light buttery yellow color with silver and white shimmers. This one is much chunkier than the other two. I used 3 coats here to cover all the patches, and it’s very thick.



Here it is in the sunlight, so hopefully you can see the shimmers more. It’s actually really beautiful on the nails – but I will warn you, on removal: Glitter everywhere. And it almost removed in chunks. Strange polish, yet so unique.


Here is one in dark shade to show the shimmer and almost metallic-like finish of it. And you can see the full chunk as well – it’s textured, but it’s a soft texture. It’s so interesting, and you almost need to feel it to know.


So there’s Day 1! I absolutely love these polishes, so if you see some still leftover at Sephoras, snatch them up. There are still a few available on their website as well!

Do you have any of these polishes?

See you tomorrow for SwatchWeek Day 2!


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