Swatch/Review: OPI ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Holiday 2016 Collection

Late? But it’s still the holidays, so everyone else is simply early.

I have some of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s shades from OPI today! Now, I’m going to be honest, I have not seen the movie, so all of these shade names really go over my head. Oh well. It’s still pretty nail polish.

This was supposed to go up Thursday, but that was my 22nd birthday! Yay! My lovely roommate and best friend bought me tickets to go see Panic! at the Disco, so obviously my Thursday was not spent blogging, and instead spent looking at Brendon Urie. Swoon. But now we’re in the middle of a big snowstorm, so what better thing to do than blog! I’m so cozy in a blanket right now.

Let’s just get into the swatches.

(Ignore my heckin dry hands – I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it’s suddenly 2 degrees here and everything I once loved is now dry).

First up is the namesake of the collection, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. This is a satin finish, champagne white with golden shimmer throughout. This was 2 thicker coats, 3 depending on your application. Since it’s a satin, it dries faster, but not too fast, and is very easy to control and apply. It also self-levels out. Lovely.


Here it is with top coat. So classy.


This shade is called ‘Five-and-Ten’. It’s a foil finish polish. It’s a smoky silver with some red and silver shimmers throughout. I needed 2-3 coats to fully cover my nail line on this one. No important notes about the formula – easy to control.



Next up is the Tiffany blue – sort of. Apparently the actual Tiffany blue color is trademarked by the company, so this one is a little more blue. ‘I Believe in Manicures’ is a lovely blue cream. 2-3 coats to cover the streaks, but a lovely OPI cream formula – easy to control, and something you can take home to Mom & Dad.


Next up, this might be my favorite of the collection. This is ‘Rich & Brazilian’ –  (a thing I would never mind getting for Christmas – don’t tell my boyfriend). This is a deep berry shade with bright fuchsia shimmers. This was a lovely 2 coat formula, so easy and smooth to apply.


Next is ‘Black Dress Not Optional’. This is a lighter black shade with super fine microshimmer. Hard to see on the nail, but it’s there I swear. 2-3 coats of this depending on your application.


Next are the 2 shimmers of the collection.

This first one (I apologize in advance, and will say that it looks much prettier in real life than it does in photos) is called “Champagne for Breakfast”. Its a clear base with holographic silver shimmers, and small microshimmer. This was 3 coats, so obviously this is a topper.


1 coat over ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. It adds a fairy dust wonder to any polish.


1 coat over ‘Black Dress Not Optional’. As you can see, it dries a little textured, so top coat it for the full shine.


Next is the one I prefer more. ‘Sunrise… Bedtime’ is a clear base packed full of pink and silver holographic glitter. This was 3 coats, so it is possible to have it opaque on its own. Look at that glitter, I feel like a teen again.


1 coat over ‘Rich & Brazilian’. Another little bit of texture when it dries – add some top coat to smooth it out.


So there’s some of the collection! I didn’t pick up any of the reds, because I know I personally don’t wear reds too often, and this collection had 6 million of them. Overall, my favorite has to be ‘Rich & Brazilian’, with ‘I Believe in Manicures’, and ‘Sunrise… Bedtime’ right after. I’m glad that OPI switched up some finishes for this collection.

I have one comparison for you! This is comparing ‘Five-and-Ten’ (pointer and ring finger) against ‘Take a Right on Bourbon’ from this year’s New Orleans collection. As you can see, they’re the same tone, but different finishes. Pick the finish that’s right for you.


And there you have it! Are you picking any up from this collection?

Also, this upcoming week, Monday-Friday, I’m going to have Swatch madness! I’ll be posting every day of the week, and bombarding you with swatches. Are you ready? Maybe you’ll find some last minute gift ideas (as they’ll be polishes you can still pick up), or items to pick up with the new Christmas money. Watch out for it!



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