SwatchWeek – Day 2 – Finger Paints

Welcome to Day 2 – ish. I know this is a day late. Who could have guessed I would get behind on this during break. I can explain, I swear. I had friends visiting during the day so this meant no time to post.

And then, I reshot all of my photos because my lighting was terrible, and now they are much better and more color accurate. I’ll never take my lighting setup back home for granted again.

Don’t you worry, Day 3 will also be coming later today as well.

Onto Day 2!

Today I have 3 Finger Paints polish. My town JUST got a Sally Beauty Supply, and I leapt for joy. They had a Buy 2, Get 1 Free special going on for Finger Paints, a brand I had never tried before, so I decided to pick up 3 colors. Looking at these 3 together, there’s a theme of dusty rose-mauve colors. Oh well.

I picked up 2 creams and 1 glitter. Spoiler alert: I’m already impressed. I hope to pick up more of these polishes in the future. Let’s get into the swatches!

First up is ‘Art History 101’. This is a nice dusty rosey nude cream color. This was almost opaque in 1 coat, spare for a few streaks. I used 2 to completely cover the streaks. A super smooth, easy to control formula – this really helps my trying to keep it clean, since I also left my clean up brush at home. I digress.


Next is ‘Free From Fawn’. This is a nice dark raspberry cream. This one comes off a lot darker than it appears in the bottle. I was actually surprised how dark this came out. You could get this opaque in 1 thicker coat, I used 2 here to make it completely even. Another smooth, easy to control formula.


Lastly is ‘Rockin’ Renaissance’. This is a raspberry base with lots of gold shimmer and glitters. As you can see, it’s a little chunky, but nothing like a liquid sand. They’re bigger chunks. Smooth, easy formula, this was 2 coats. I surprisingly really like this one. Such a unique formula!


There’s SwatchWeek Day 2! I loved these 3 polishes, so I’ll definitely be picking up more from Finger Paints. Do you guys have any favorites from this brand?

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