SwatchWeek – Day 3 – Wet ‘N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

Welcome back! It’s Day 3 of SwatchWeek – this one is on the correct day, did you notice that? The rest will be as regularly scheduled, so don’t you fret.

Up today, we have some Wet ‘N Wild 1 step gel polishes! These claim to be like gel without the light – but are also in black bottles, so I can only assume they’re more gel-like than other brands. I haven’t been able to truly test how long these last – little hard to do in a SwatchWeek, isn’t it. Someday I’ll test them and be sure to get a wear test out for you!

I have 4 shades from this polish style, and they came in a lovely holiday gift set that I got from my sweet friend Cassi for my birthday. Thanks Cass! You can find the Holiday set still at Walgreens.

There are 3 creams, and 1 one shimmery polish. Let’s get into Day 3!

First up is ‘Stay Classy’. This is a, well, classy, dusty rose cream color! This was almost a one coater – I used 2 here. Lovely, smooth easy to control formula.


Next is ‘Crime of Passion’. This is the perfect holiday red cream in my opinion. It’s a bright, juicy, warm toned red. Absolutely lovely. 2 coats.


The next cream is ‘Under My Plum’. This is a deeper berry cream color. Another smooth beautiful formula, opaque in 2 coats.


And lastly is ‘All That Jazzy!’. This is a light white gold shimmer polish. This was 3 coats. The coats are thinner, but super smooth, and builds up nicely. Completely smooth finish, no texture. Gorgeous for the holidays.


All of these polishes have a wider brush, as all Wet N Wild polishes do. I absolutely love the size of the brush, as it allows me to paint my nails in one swipe. It is also super easy to control and cover the whole nail evenly. I love these polishes! They’re $4.99 a piece, so if you see them, I absolutely recommend.

Come back tomorrow for Day 4!


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