SwatchWeek – Day 5 – Revlon

It’s the last day of SwatchWeek! We made it! I survived a whole week of swatching polishes at my parents house with inadequate lighting. I think that’s a Christmas miracle in itself. I honestly had a lot of fun doing this, and it allowed me to try out the polishes of lesser known brands I had sitting in my collection. I definitely have some new favorites! I hope to do this again sometime.

Now let’s get on in to the final day of SwatchWeek! Today I have 6 polishes from Revlon. These are their normal polishes from their core line. Some of these I did find discounted down to $2, so be sure to watch out in your Walgreens!

Let’s start!

First up is ‘Cabana Queen’. This is a super light gray, more of a gray-toned white shimmer. The shimmer in this is super subtle, making it look almost like a cream. This was 3 coats. I used a thicker coat for the last one. I also found you want to just lay the coat down, and not manipulate it too much, or else it’ll get streaky. This one did want to run into the cuticles a little bit too, so be sure to wipe off the brush.


Next is ‘Daydreamer’. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. It makes your nail just look so.. ethereal. It’s a beautiful lilac with a strong green flash in it. Gorgeous. This was 3 thin coats – you can be good with 2 as well. I didn’t even have to try hard to capture the flash.


Next is ‘Lagoon Afternoon’. This is a saturated blue cream. This was 2 coats – it might need 3 depending on the thickness of your coats. Lovely.


This is ‘Rich’. A stunning smokey steel gray with lots of golden and black shimmers throughout. This was an easy 2 coats. It is a very ‘rich’ color!


This is ‘Fashionista’. This is a dark, rich teal cream. This can be opaque in one simple coat. If you use thinner coats, you’ll need 2. Since it’s so pigmented, I had to focus on controlling it and not making a mess of it. It wants to run down the brush, as its a thinner formula as well, so be sure to really wipe off the brush during application.


Lastly is a topper. This is called ‘Rebel Graffiti’. This was 2 coats, but I wouldn’t get it opaque on its own. It just wouldn’t look right, in my opinion. Super easy to place, it applies evenly without much placement.


This is one coat over ‘Lagoon Afternoon’. As you can see, it can load up more right out of the bottle and place it like on the middle finger. But the rest of the nails are the normal amount it places.


And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed SwatchWeek!

As for Revlon polishes, I actually really love their polishes. Anytime I see them on sale, I definitely pick them up.

Did you enjoy SwatchWeek! Come back next week for regularly scheduled programming. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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