Swatch/Review: Covergirl TruNaked ‘Jewels’ Eyeshadow Palette

COLOR. COLOR EVERYWHERE. 2017 is the year of color, y’all. I am fully embracing my wildest colorful dreams and wearing whatever I want – this includes green lipstick. Stay tuned for that one. It’s coming.

But for now, let’s stick with color on the eyes.

Today I have the newest addition to the CoverGirl ‘TruNaked’ line. This time, they came out with the ‘Jewels’. When I saw promos for this, I drooled everywhere. I mean, I had heard so many good things about the TruNaked line of palettes, so this one had me all sorts of excited.

It retails for  $12.99 at Ulta, and features 8 new and colorful shades. It’s the exact same packaging as the other palettes in the TruNaked line.

Let’s get into the palette.


This comes with 8 shades. Only 1 is matte, and it’s a light pink, and the rest are shimmery. So keep that in mind. This will probably be a palette you use in conjunction with other ones to add pops of colors.


It just looks so pretty doesn’t it? *Cradles it in my arms and whispers* “please don’t disappoint me.”

Here are the swatches, on bare skin, with no primer.


I’ll give two versions of my review: one shortened review, summing it up in one nice little package, and another long, complicated shade-by-shade review that’s for you people who are as long winded as me.

First, the shortened review. If you want the long winded one, just keep scrolling after the short, normal one.

To sum it up for this palette, the colors will not be as full on color and metallic as you see in the pan. They take a little work to build up, and I used my finger a lot to really press on the pigment – I find this is the best way to get full pigment. They do last very nicely all day, and I really like the colorful looks I can get out of it – most of the shades are honestly pretty good for a colorful palette from the drugstore. If you want to switch up your normal eye looks, this is a great palette to pair with your neutrals!


As you’ll learn about this blog, I don’t skip out on telling you EVERY SINGLE THING about this palette. We’re going shade-by-shade, because there are differences in their formula.

1st shade: Light pinky highlight. This shade is very pretty and I love using it on my inner corner. It is very shimmery, and lovely and I do really like this shade to highlight. This is the one that honestly lives up to its look in the pan.

2nd shade: that pink matte shade – honestly surprised me. First thing’s first, this girl kicks up A LOT of product. I dipped my brush in it a couple times and just had a little pile of powder at the end of it. But don’t let that scare you. You honestly just have to dip a brush in once, and you have product, and from there, it builds up smoothly and nicely in the crease. It actually makes a nice smooth transition shade. BUT keep in mind, it’s very light. It shows up on my skin because I’m very pale. But it might be hard to see on any skintones darker than mine.

3rd shade: This looks more coppery in the pan, but is actually more of a taupe shimmer shade. This is one that will need a base to be as fully “foiled” as it looks in the pan. It was more of a taupe satin, instead of a full on metallic on my lid. But I did really like it for a nice all over lid shade.

4th shade: the purple satin. Girl, this shade is my bae in this palette. It builds up so beautifully to give you a lovely jewel-toned lid. It can look sheer when you first apply it, but it builds up so nicely. This is honestly the winner of the palette.

5th shade: blue satin. This shade is another that needs a base to build up to the color in the pan. And it’s like the purple, in that you’re going to have to go back and forth between blending and building it up to get it up to a pigmented, smooth lid shade. Not as pigmented as the purple, but still a nice jewel tone to have.

6th shade: Glittery olive-green shade. Oh my. Well, there’s a problem child in every family. Firstly, there is straight up glitter in this shade, glitter that drops all over your face. And as you can see from the swatch, the pigment just isn’t there. Every family has one.

7th shade: Light yellow-gold. This shade looks very light in the pan, and that’s how it wears. To really make it a metallic gold, you’re going to need a base for it. It honestly is a pretty okay gold shade, I’ve had better, and blends away a little, but it’s nice for a light was of gold over your lids, for a more “low-key glam”, you feel me?

8th shade: glittery black. As you can see from the swatch, it’s more of a dark, charcoal gray, than a true black. It’s not as pigmented as I would like, but it does work to deepen up the outer corner and add some depth. The glitters don’t really show up on the eyes.

So there it is, the new ‘Jewels’ palette from CoverGirl. I would honestly love to get more palettes from the line. Do you have a favorite from the TruNaked line?

And what’s your favorite way to wear color?

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