Swatch/Review: Physician’s Formula ‘Bronze Booster Highlight + Contour’ Palette

Whew! Talk about a mouthful for the name, right?

Welcome to yet another review! I’ve been slowly working through all of the new makeup I picked up during the holidays. I’m loving this, guys. It’s been a while since I’ve really gone out and just tried new makeup. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the makeup reviews as well!

Today I have a new product from Physician’s Formula. This is the ‘Bronze Boost Highlight + Contour’ palette. I have the ‘Matte Sculpting’ shade, which means it’s 3 matte shades. They also have a ‘Shimmer Strobing’ shade which is all shimmery shades.

Both shades retail for $14.99 at Ulta. I picked mine up at RiteAid, and there was a coupon for money off right on the package – so look out for that as well!

Let’s dive right into the packaging. Like most Physician’s Formula packaging, it is a little bulky. It’s a thick package with a gold top, and a clear top. My one gripe with the packaging (beside it being bulky – I can live with that) is that the top doesn’t open all the way, it sort of stops, which can be a little difficult to get into with your brush. You can see it a little in the next photo, but it’s really nitpicking.


It comes with 3 matte shades. There’s a good amount of product in each one, and the pans are big enough to put a brush into.


You have a warm toned bronze shade, a nice cool toned sculpting brown, and then a warm toned nude powder.


As you can see, that bronze shade is very warm-toned. It’s also VERY pigmented. And on my pale skin, that can be very dangerous. However, you can make it work. I use a really fluffy powder brush, and just barely tap into the powder and then working slowly, use it around the perimeters of my face. These powders also blend out beautifully, so if you accidentally go a little harsh with it, you can easily blend it away. Using this, I can get such a lovely bronzed look in the dead of this terrible winter.

The contour shade is cool toned and perfect for sculpting on my pale skin. It builds up easily so you can decide how sharp you want your contour that day.

The one shade I probably won’t really use is the nude shade. It’s too dark and yellow-toned on my skin so it’s very obvious when I use it to clean up a contour or anything. I have used it to set primer on my eyes – but that’s about it. Just not for me!

Overall, I really like this palette! I’ve been using it ever since I bought it, and it’s really upped my contouring game. The powders have such a beautiful formula and blend so well that it even works well on my pale skin! So don’t let them scare you!

I recommend this palette for sure! Has anyone picked up the shimmery shade?

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