Sorry, I’ve been MIA.

Hey guys!

So you might have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA this week. And will be next week. Lemme explain.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m right in the middle of my final semester of college, crazy right? Well, during that senior semester, since I’m a graphic design major, part of the requirements is completing a semester long final project. We’re getting down into the final week of that project, so that means I’ll be super busy.

This means I’m not going to have time to post this next week, or even work on posts. But once this project is completed on April 2nd, I’ll finally be back – and much less stressed.

Until that time hang on with me, I promise I’ll be back and better than ever after that – posting about the new spring collections that have already come out (I know I’m already late but school comes first). So this was just the explanation of my absence, so it’s not just a cold shoulder from me.

I’ll see you all on April 3rd for a new post. Be sure to join me then.


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