Essie Winter 2017 Collection

Hey-o it’s the start of winter collection reviews! I know right, just in time for spring!

Nah, it’s still winter here in Chicago. We got a couple more months before it feels like spring so I’m set. I’ll get these reviews out, and we can finally be ahead of the seasons, as any good blogger should be. I, of course, will be sprinkling in makeup reviews as I go, because that gives me an excuse to also keep buying more makeup.

This blog is my excuse to buys so much nail polish and makeup. You guys are my enablers, DON’T LET THE ADDICTION DOWN.

But anyways, this review. This is the Essie Winter 2017 collection, and it’s of course a 6 bottle collection. I like putting these shorter reviews in the middle of the big ass 12 bottle collections. Breaks it up. Makes it easier. Let’s talk about nail polish.

So let’s get right into swatches.

Up first is the nude, ‘Suit & Tied’. This is a gorgeous darker beige nude. It has a hint of cool toned brown to it, which works beautifully on my cool toned undertones.

This can be opaque in 1 thicker coat, I used two thinner ones here. It won’t flood your cuticles if you use a thicker coat, and it’s so easy to control. It’s a really elegant color, and I love it on my longer nails.


Up next is the color everyone has been raving about, and I can understand why. This color is a darker, blue-toned gray shade with that beautiful orange shimmer that Essie has been dumping into everything lately. And I say, CONTINUE WITH THE DUMPING.

As you can see, the shimmer in it is so apparent and just STUNNING. This had a very easy 2 coat formula, and unf, I love this. (Goddamn, my hands look like some grandma nails, dry cuticles, much? Ignore that and look at the shimmer, will ya).

The picture just speaks for all the words I want to say about this polish. Stunning.


There are 2 reds in this collection, and they’re both very different finishes and colors. This first one is ‘Ring in the Bling’, the deeper, metallic shimmer of the two. This one would have been perfect for the holidays (oops), and it’s a beautiful Christmas red (prepare for next year, eh?).

This was another that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat, but I did 2 thinner ones here. It doesn’t show brush strokes like more metallic polishes and is just so smooth. With the shimmer, it also offers a clean removal, and I didn’t find it staining my cuticles on removal.

Unfortunately that gold shimmer you see popping out in the bottle isn’t too apparent on the nails. But you know, pretty to look at.



This is the other red of the collection. ‘Be Cherry!’ is a brighter, saturated and, well, cherry red cream. This can almost lean into the crelly formula, as it’s super juicy and rich on the nails.

In 1 coat, I still had some visible nail line – it’ll depend on how white your nail tips are – but it covered completely on 2 coats. For it being more squishy, it had great coverage. Now, as you can see around my cuticles, this will be a little more messy with removal, so be careful when you’re taking it off, or with clean up.

This is a standard cherry red. If you don’t have one of these in your collection already, this is great. Otherwise, it’s not a super unique color like the others.


Up next is a gorgeous warm toned purple cream. This is ‘New Year, New Hue’. NEW YEAR, NEW ME. Am I the only one that loves saying that entirely too much to annoy others? No? Okay.

This was almost opaque in 1 coat – I still had some streaks and uneven patches on a couple nails, but those were completely covered on 2 coats. This was another smooth easy formula, and fabulous to put on. Another lovely cream to add to a collection.


Last but not least is ‘On Your Mistletoes’. This is a rich, saturated navy blue. This was absolutely opaque for me in 1 coat – I still put on 2 in this photo. But it’s a stunning formula, and a lovely color for the fall and winter months.


There’s the Essie Winter collection! I love the little pops of unique colors they threw in – the orange shimmer polishes they’ve been pumping out are all just stunning and I just want them all, like yes put that orange shimmer in every color and give them to me.

So obviously, ‘Social Lights’ is the crowd favorite of this collection. I love the neutral, ‘Suit & Tied’ as well, it just had a different shade and tone to it that’s unique to my collection. And ‘Ring in the Bling’ is beautiful for a holiday red.

The creams also had stunning formulas, so if you don’t have those colors in your collection already, they’re worth adding. If you have those shades already in a formula you love, they’re nothing different from other creams.

Overall, another solid collection from Essie. Their formulas have been absolutely amazing this past year, and I love that they’re starting to experiment a little with shimmers and finishes. I’m excited to see what they come up with for the next year!

Stay tuned for the rest of the winter collections – I’ll have them finished just in time for spring. πŸ™‚

So many new things coming out and so many reviews coming! Stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Essie Winter 2017 Collection

  1. Yesssssss, I love the orange shimmer too! Wouldn’t it be fun if they put it in a turquoise or something else a little more out there? Would also love to see it in a lighter purple, but really I just want them to continue having fun with it! Have you picked up any from the newer Desert Mirage collection yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t picked up any from the Desert Mirage yet! It’s not on any of my normal websites so I haven’t built myself up to pay full price for any yet. But that dark blue from it is calling my name.
      And oh my gosh that orange shimmer in a turquoise would be absolutely stunning. I just want it in everything πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Social-Lights is EVERYTHING! I’m tempted to buy a backup. πŸ˜›
    Suit & Tied is really wearable but not boring. I’m trying to think if I have anything similar in my collection…
    Ring in the Bling is so pretty but too bad the gold isn’t as visible on the nails. Such is life!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god Social Lights is just amazing. With so much in my collection, it’s gotta be real unique to wow me and they’ve really done that!
      And they can’t all be as spectacular as Social Lights, i suppose. πŸ˜‚


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