Sista Chic ‘Christmas Classics’ Holiday 2018 Collection

It’s the first of the holiday collection posts on their way! And it’s only fitting that it’s a ‘Christmas Classics’ collection.

This is the new holiday collection from Sista Chic Lacquer. As always, I’ll be open that this collection was provided to me for review, but of course, all opinions are my own, and I promise to only provide my honest thoughts and feelings. Disclaimer that has to always be put out there. (I did also buy some shades on my own recently, and will be putting up swatches of those as well!)

Now onto the collection. This is the ‘Christmas Classics’ collection, and it’s a 7 piece collection based on essential Christmas movies and songs. There are 5 polishes and then 2 toppers. These will release on December 1st on Sista Chic’s Etsy store for $10 each. Find them here:

Let’s get right into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Cindy Lou Who’, of course based on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. (I actually do like the Jim Carey version. I just really relate to him hating other people, anyone else?).

This is a super delicate pink shimmery shade with tons of holographic sparkles throughout. The first coat was sheer, but it gives that nice perfected nail look if you leave it at just one. It does build up nicely, so it was pretty well good on 2 coats. I had some nail line left, so depending on how you feel, you can do a 3rd. I love this for a more reserved, less sparkly holiday look.


Up next is a true Christmas red shade. This is ‘Zuzu’s Petals’. This is based off It’s a Wonderful Life (I will admit I haven’t seen that movie in ages, so I definitely missed the reference. Oops. Should work on that). But this is a more jelly red base with nice metallic red glitters and bigger red metallic hexagons. It is more crelly, so it’s a more sheer formula to let the glitters show through, and give it a more squishy look. However, the nail line was easily covered for me in 2 coats.


It’s a little bumpy when it dries, but a coat of top coat will help that out. Perfect for the holidays!


‘Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown’ is based on the Peanuts special (truly one of my favorite specials to watch when I’m home at my parents house). This is a shimmery green with a touch of silver sparkle. Again, a little more sheer first coat, but I got it easily opaque with a 2nd thicker coat. Any brushstrokes level out nicely on their own, and it’s just so sparkly.


‘Blue Christmas’, a beloved song by a true classic, Elvis Presley, is a bright blue base with tons of silver shimmer and lil silver hexagons throughout.

This could almost be built up in 1 thicker coat, thought I used 2 here. The 2nd coat helps to make the color and shimmer richer and deepens it to the color in the bottle. I will say the lil silver hexagons can get lost, as you can see by the one on my ring finger. You might have to dig around a little more to have them more even on all the nails.


‘Fozzywig’s Big Bash’ is based off a Muppet Christmas Carol. This is a more plum base with tons of silver holo all throughout. This had a good 1st coat, but will need 2 to make it fully opaque. But it’s a smooth easy formula to work with for sure.

I will admit I expected a little more linear holo like what shows up in the bottle but it does get a little lost. But the holo just scattered throughout always gets me as well. It’s marketed as a scattered holographic anyways, so I can’t get mad that the bottle deceived me.


Next up we have the two toppers. They’re both inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life as well, and the names pair together like a cute lil couple.

This first one is ‘Every Time a Bell Rings’. This is a clear base with bronzey-gold glitter all throughout. This is one coat over OPI’s ‘Spare Me a French Quarter’ and it’s so beautiful to just add a little sparkle to any base.

Pictures don’t do this baby justice. It’s so sparkly and reminds me a little of just sparkly fallen snow.


I’ll have to top this all over all sorts of different polish. And with the base, it’s not textured or anything on top of a base polish. (Maybe that bottle shot in the corner here will give you a better idea of the SPARKLE it has, ugh I love it.)


And the other topper is ‘An Angel Gets Its Wings’. You see that magical little pairing there? I’m here for it. This is another clear base with tons of different colors glitters and bigger pieces. We’ve got some gold, red, purple bigger pieces and green and gold shimmers. This is one coat over ‘Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown’.

One coat distributes all the pieces evenly without having to work to place them. I did just swipe over the nail a couple times with the brush and that one coat to get them placed on the nail and spread out. But it wasn’t work at all, a lot of pieces pick up on the brush.


And here it is over ‘Blue Christmas’. Another topper to add a fun pop to any sort of base you want to liven up. The base isn’t thick at all, so it’ll be easy to add a 2nd coat if you want more pieces as well.


So that’s the new collection from Sista Chic Lacquer! You have some nice classic Christmas colors here and some fun toppers to liven up any existing polishes you have. I love the sparkle and shine especially for the holiday, so give me all the glitter and sparkles.

All of these formulas were easy to paint on and opaque in 2 coats. I think ‘Fozzywig’s Big Bash’ might be my favorite – I need to watch a Muppets Christmas Carol again…

Like I said, you can pick these up starting December 1st on Sista Chic’s website! They’re $10 each and part of the proceeds of every polish go to support Project Rescue, which helps victims of human trafficking! Always a good cause, and some nice new polishes!


There’s a lot of holiday polish collections on the way. And eyeshadow palette reviews! I’ve been buying them like a fiend, and I’m telling myself I can’t get more until I get these reviews up. So be prepared for a lot of eyeshadow to come! Well, either way it’s coming because it’s my blog and I want to just talk about eyeshadow and nail polish. Accept me as I am.

Stay tuned for lots of new stuff coming your way!

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