Orly ‘Deep Wonder’ Holiday 2018 Collection

I was so caught up working on the longer Wet N Wild collection post, I forgot to have smaller ones scheduled in between while I was working on it. Whoops. How do these other YouTubers and bloggers do that so well? Scheduling, and having posts pre-written will definitely be one of the skills I work on in 2019.

But here’s a post! It’s here, and I’m working on more! Hah, I swear I’m a great blogger after these 2 years. (Wild to think it’s been over 2 years). Enough blabbering. Onto the review.

I have the Orly Color Pass, which means you pay money up front at the beginning of the year, and then throughout the year each of their 4 collections is sent out. It’s one of the cheaper places I’ve found for Orly polishes (about $4.90 per polish – cheaper if you factor in the lil samples and products you also get in the boxes) and you don’t have to worry about shipping, and you always get little extras to try out in each box! (If you don’t want the full Color Pass, you can buy individual polishes on transdesign.com).

The last and final box for the year included the ‘Deep Wonder’ Holiday 2018 collection, a huge tub of their Cuticle Cream (retails for $12) and an Intense Therapy hair mask.


Like I mentioned, the tub of Cuticle Cream is huge. I was surprised their full size, 2 oz product was included. (I have this at my desk at work now, so I’ve become THAT extra person just applying cuticle cream to my dry fingers all the time).


It’s a nice thick consistency, and sinks into the skin around my cuticles and softens them nicely. Helps to just keep them moisturized throughout this cold winter. I use only a tiny bit each time, so this tub will last me forever.


The hair mask is the ‘Intense Therapy’ Extra Healing Mask from Pravana.


It’s a nice thicker texture. I’ve been using it on my “Self Care Thursdays” and applying it to the ends of my hair and letting it soak in before I shower. It’s been nice to add a nice little boost of moisture to the ends of my hair, and it always feels soft and renewed after I use it. I’ve gotten about 3 uses out of this smaller tube, applying it all over the ends of my hair.


Now onto the polish, shall we?

Orly’s holiday collection for this year is the ‘Deep Wonder’ collection. It’s of course a 6 piece collection (so easy to sit down and swatch them all in one night – looking at you OPI with your 15 piece holiday collection…). It’s got 2 creams, 1 more metallic finish, and 3 super shimmery polishes. Let’s get right into it!


Up first are the two creams.

This first one is ‘Mystic Maven’. This is a nice berry cream shade, a color I love really any time of the year.

This had a beautiful formula. Smooth & opaque in 1 easy coat, and no complaints. Orly’s cream formulas the past year have been fantastic really, they’re so underrated.


Up next is ‘Wild Wonder’. This is a more crelly bright warm red shade. It has a more squishy formula, and was smooth but will need a 2nd coat. This was 2 coats, and as you can see there is a little bit of nail line leftover. If you don’t like that finish, you can add another coat and get it opaque. It all depends on your preference for this finish or not.


‘Cosmic Crimson’ is the one more metallic finish. This is a right in between a berry and brick red shimmer. This can be built up in 1 thicker coat, but I did 2 thinner ones for the picture here. There are some brush strokes, but they’re much more obvious in my bright lights than they are in person.

I love this shade for the upcoming holidays.



Now we’re getting into the super sparkly shades of the collection.

First is ‘Lucid Dream’. This is an absolutely stunning rose gold foil shade. This was opaque in 1 easy coat and so smooth and sparkly. It’s even more bling-y in real life and is perfect for New Years parties coming up. No brush strokes, and just pure sparkle on the nails. I can’t stop looking at it.


‘Nebula’ is a cool toned purple shimmer. Another stunning formula, this one was again opaque in 1 easy coat. Just one swipe on the nails and it was done – so perfect for a quick out the door nail look as well.

Another that just glows on the nails and is perfect for the holidays coming up.


This last shade might be my favorite, though it’s hard to choose

‘Retrograde’ is a deep emerald green base with stunning green shimmer all throughout. Another that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones to smooth any last patches out. The shimmer is so apparent on the nails and isn’t lost in the deeper base.

It’s vampy, but also has that extra dimension and sparkle to it.


So that’s the Orly Holiday 2018 collection! There were so many beautiful shades in this collection and all of the formulas were STUNNING. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors in this collection.

The 2 cream shades are less unique, but good colors if you want to add them to your stash. The more unique shades are the 4 shimmers and metallics – those have the best formulas as well. If I had to choose just 2, I would pick ‘Lucid Dream’ and ‘Retrograde’ – my two favorites.

There’s lots more holiday reviews coming up! I can’t wait for you to see them all! Stay tuned for all the sparkles!


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