China Glaze ‘The Grinch’ Holiday 2018 Collection

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying family time, or even just a nice break from work, and entirely too much food.

I’m at home at my parents for a week, so I’ll be using this precious time to just loaf around, eat a lot of cookies, and write a lot of posts. That’s right, I’m getting AHEAD in writing my posts. (I say this now, we’ll see how I do). So yes, that means lots of posts will be coming up, or at least they’ll be consistent in posting.

But today, we’re talking about a super festive collection, the China Glaze Holiday 2018 collection. This is full of lots of sparkle and shimmers and grinchy goodness.

I’m here, drinking spiked hot chocolate so I apologize in advance for any wayward commas or comments. I’m honestly just here living my best life.

So let’s just get right into the swatches already.

This is just an 8 piece collection (a reprieve from another 12 piece collection, looking at you OPI with your 15 bottles…), all named and based off of the new Grinch movie that just came out. (I don’t care what anyone else says, I do like the Jim Carrey version as well. Maybe I relate to him more… *drinks more spiked hot chocolate*).

I got these off (pretty much the only place they’re still in stock online!). They say this is a super limited edition collection, so if some catch your eye, don’t be afraid to snatch them up. I’ve also seen them in Walgreens stores as well as other physical locations, which definitely has to be because of their partnership with the new movie. So keep your eyes out and you can find them still!

Each of these caps has a little printed design on them that I love. There are 4 different lil Grinchy designs that are printed right onto the caps. I love the little touches like this to just make them a little more unique.


Onto the shades!

‘Who Wonder’ is a pink base with a glass-fleck pink shimmer throughout. This could easily be built up in 1 thicker coat, though I did 2 thinner ones here. It’s a thicker formula so it’s easy to control if you do thicker coats, and won’t flood the cuticles. She sparkly.


‘Ho! Ho! No.’ is a red base with gold sparkles throughout. (I also think this is my favorite name out of the bunch. Anyone else love the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch as well?). This had a more sheer 1st coat, but a 2nd coat deepens the color, and makes it opaque. It can skip a little if you don’t have enough on the brush, so I loaded it up with a lot of polish to brush it on smoothly.

It does dry a little textured as well, as you can see from the photo.


With a top coat, it evens out and is nice and shiny. You can see the sparkles more with the top coat as well.


‘You’re a Mean One’ is a dark purple-blue base with gorgeous red shimmer throughout. This can be built up in 1 thicker coat, and has a stunning formula. I did 2 thinner coats here, and the shimmer just builds up so nicely. (I’ll have to compare this to OPI’s Turn on the Northern Lights….).


Now my, and I think everyone’s favorite of the collection here is ‘Grinchworthy’. This is a stunning green glitter polish, with all different tones of green glitter. On one coat, this is a super quick easy glitter look if you’re running out the door. A 2nd coat builds up the glitter and makes it fully opaque. Since it’s a glitter, it dries quickly as well, and does dry a little more textured.


Just, look at that. One of my favorites of this whole season really. I’m dead. Just look at that sparkle.


Here it is with 1 coat of topcoat. It just brings out the shine and sparkle even more and evens it out.


Continuing with the super glittery, this is ‘Deliciously Wicked’. This is a frosty blue base with bigger silver metallic glitter pieces. It has a more sheer base, so on 1 coat, its just a frosty finish with more sparse glitter. It can be built up pretty well in 2 coats, though I did 3 here to make it entirely opaque and build up the sparkle.

I will admit, this one is a little weird and chunky. She’s a unique one, and definitely reminds me of frosty snow somehow. But you’ll definitely have to base it on your personal preferences if you would like this shade.


‘Merry Whatever’ is a glittery look like ‘Grinchworthy’. It’s a gold base with tons of gold and silver shimmers, along with bigger silver pieces throughout. This was a thicker formula so it could be built up in 1 easy coat, though I did 2 thinner ones here. This one also dries quickly and is a lil textured, but more smooth than the others. So sparkly and fun for New Years.


Lastly we have the two toppers.

First up is ‘Resting Grinch Face’ (I like to think I have this riding the train in the morning). This is a clear base with red and green smaller glitter pieces and larger blue, red, green and gold metallic pieces. This is one coat over ‘Ho! Ho! No’, and as you can see it picks up easily and distributes in just one coat. Definitely a festive topper.


The last one is ‘Lukewarm Wishes’. This is a sheer icy blue topper. This is one coat over ‘You’re a Mean One’. As you can see, it’s sheer enough to let the base still show through, but gives it a shimmery icy look.

(I didn’t show it on its own, but it’s a sheer icy look on the nails as well, if you want that easy look).


Here it is over ‘March in Uniform’ from OPI’s new holiday collection, which is a dark navy blue. It’s stunning over darker shades, and really comes alive as an icy nail look. I definitely need to use some more toppers in this upcoming year!


So that’s your Grinchy collection! I was definitely feeling festive while wearing them, so is that the opposite of the Grinch…?

I love all of the sparkle here. I’m a glitter-a-holic, so give it all to me. I liked all of these, though ‘Deliciously Wicked’ was my least favorite just for its weird finish. Even so, I’ll keep it because I love me some weird, ugly pretty shades.

It’s definitely a festive collection for the season, so after Christmas and winter ends, I’ll admit I probably won’t reach for these until the next Christmas. Overall, you gotta know your personal preferences. If you’re not looking for festive and Christmas polishes, these probably won’t be for you. They’re a wintery spread, so they can be lost after the cold weather. Tryin to be real with you before you decide to pick some up.

‘Grinchworthy’ is the most unique for me though, so that was definitely my favorite of them all.


Lots of fun posts will be coming up! There’s a couple more festive nail posts to come up, as well as a ‘Goals’ post to start out 2019 (crazy we’re almost in 2019!) I also have some eyeshadow palette reviews coming as well! Be sure to stay tuned for it all! I’m gonna get some shit done this break, and get some posts written.


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2 thoughts on “China Glaze ‘The Grinch’ Holiday 2018 Collection

  1. I really like Deliciously Wicked, it’s so unique and somehow works. Though I don’t think the name fits very well, I’d like to offer up “Too Cool for Whoville” as an alternative. Did your bottle have a weird smell? When I wore it, mine had a strong scent that I could smell through the top coat and for a day after painting!

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