Sinful Colors ‘Jingle Jells’ Collection

I went on a monstrous swatch fest before I left for home so I would have lots of things to post with my free time. In that time, I swatched up TWO Sinful Colors collections to talk about. Look at me actually getting work done. Wild, I know.

Sinful Colors has been a little quieter this 2nd half of the year, and unfortunately they’ve been a little harder to find. I hope this means they’re just planning something big in the next upcoming year. Keeping that optimism since they were the brand I really started my blog with, and the one brand I love to pick up every new collection fun. They always have such unique finishes as such affordable prices, and I don’t know how I would feel if they left me.

But we’re not thinking about this, it’s never been said that’s happening. Instead, we’re looking at some new polishes for the holiday season!

This is the ‘Jingle Jells’ collection. It’s a group of 4 polishes labeled with ‘Jelly Topper’ stickers. They’re more jelly like bases with metallic glitter pieces all throughout.

I had these muled in from one of my sources, since they hadn’t shown up anywhere near me. However, they have been found at Rite-Aid and Big Lots (2 stores we either don’t have, or don’t have a ton of in Illinois)! They’re the normal $1.99 price as their permanent range.

Since these are labeled as ‘Jelly Toppers’, I showed them all here as 1 coat over a base shade, to show them off as toppers. I also have swatches of them built up on their own underneath as well! These all have similar formulas – they’re a more jelly finish, so they’re more sheer, but most can be built up on their own as well. They’re smooth, and distribute the glitters easily with just 1 coat, without having to place the pieces. Some are thicker than others, which I talk about, so let’s just get into the colors!

First up is ‘Candy Apple’ a red base with gold shimmer and red metallic pieces. Here it is over ‘Candied Kindgom’ from OPI’s recent collection, a true cherry red. Wits just one coat, the metallic pieces are more sparse and spread out.


(It was getting late and I had to get swatches done to have while I was home, so you get single fingers here, but it’s enough to show the polish). This one does build up well on its own, here is 2-3 coats, and the base is very opaque, and it’s so sparkly. The metallic pieces are more dense this way, as well as the sparkle. This one works in either style.


Up next is ‘Candy Ginger’, with a more yellow-golden base with gold shimmer and gold metallic pieces. Shown here is 1 coat over ‘Never a Dulles Moment’ from OPI. With this one, the base is a little more sheer, so more of your base color is going to show through with a golden flash. There are also more metallic pieces in just 1 coat of this one than the red shade.


Here is 3 coats of ‘Candy Ginger’ built up on its own. The base is obviously less bright, and more metallic gold. The glitters built up nicely as well with 3 coats. If you have super bright nail tips, they could still show through, but this is another that works either way.


‘Mint Candy’ is the green version of the toppers. Here it is over ‘Envy the Adventure’ from OPI.

This one has the thickest concentration of glitters, so it just loads up the shimmer and sparkle in 1 easy coat. It’s the thickest formula of the 4, so its easy to just paint on and add some fun to any topper.


Since it’s the thickest, it’s also the easiest to build up on its own. This was 2 easy coats, and the shimmer and glitters are so dense. The base is sheer enough that it layers over the glitters while still showing them as well. For this one using it as a topper or building it up on its own is your preference whether you want more or less glitter pieces.

Super sparkly, and fun! Reminds me of a Christmas tree (maybe a little late for that, but it’s still fun).


Last but not least is ‘Rock Candy’. This is a clear base with a silver-blue flash, and metallic silver glitter pieces. This is one coat over ‘August’ from Zoya.

As you can see, this one is the most sheer base out of the 4. It doesn’t change the color of the base really, and adds the blue flash.


This is the only one I could not get to entirely build up on its own. This is 3 coats, and as you can see, there are still gaps in the glitter pieces. It doesn’t have a colored base like the other 3 shades, and the glitter pieces are less dense, so this is the only one I recommend keeping as a topper.


So there’s a new little mini collection from Sinful Colors! The ‘Jingle Jells’ are fun little toppers to add sparkle and glitter to a base color, or to build up on their own (except for ‘Rock Candy’). They’ll be super fun for Christmas next year, or even for the rest of the Winter season.

Today’s my last really free day of my break, without family and friends, so I’m making myself finish up more posts, and keeping putting up photos on Instagram consistently. I’ve also started thinking about New Years resolutions, and will be putting up a post about my 2019 goals to start the new year as well! Lots of new things to read coming up!

Stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Jingle Jells’ Collection

  1. Love that these can actually be built up on their own! Sinful Colors isn’t always the greatest when it comes to toppers (I’m thinking of those moon glitters or whatever the heck they were called).

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