Essie Sunny Business 2020 – Swatches & Review

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m in the middle of what I’m calling the Great Blog Post Catch Up of 2020! For some reason I just needed a break from blogging, and as the swatches just kept coming, my backlog built up. It may be cooling down outside, and we’re full on into fall collections by now, but I still want to get these summer reviews posted! So be prepared for some back and forth with “older” collections to new fall releases!


This post is looking at the Essie Sunny Business collection! Essie seems to be full on into this habit of releasing like 9 collections a year, so we’ve already looked at quite a few polishes from them! The Sunny Business collection is a release of 9 polishes, 7 creams and 2 shimmers that sum up warm weather and beachy feelings. As always I purchased this from Most of the shades are still available there, and has most of the colors there as well, in case any catch your eye.

Obviously this post has been waiting long enough, so let’s get right into the swatches!

Up first, the lightest shade of the bunch. This is ‘Talk to the Sand’ and it’s a very light, soft peachy cream shade. It had some streaks in the 1st coat, which I always expect with colors this white-based. But it did surprise me and was pretty well opaque with just a 2nd coat. For the ridges in my nails, I did end up adding a 3rd just to fully cover everything. Overall, still a nice smooth formula.

Essie – Talk to the Sand


‘You’re a Catch’ is a warm-toned peachy beige cream. It’s definitely much more orange-leaning than ‘Talk to the Sand’ above.

This had a nice, smooth formula that was easy to control on the nails, and I was able to easily get it opaque with just 2 coats.

Essie – You’re a Catch


‘Beachy Keen’ is a lovely peachy pink cream shade. (yes there are many variations of peach here, okay). Or would this be a coral? Coral’s another that has just so many variations in my book.

This was a little more streaky in the 1st coat than ‘You’re a Catch’ above. I still had some ridges peeking through after a 2nd, so I did 3 total coats to get it fully opaque.

Essie – Beachy Keen


‘Throw in the Towel’ is a gorgeous, bright coral pink cream. This had a very similar formula to ‘Beachy Keen’ above, and I still had some ridges peeking through on the 2nd coat. If you have smoother nails, 2 will probably be good, but I did add a 3rd coat to get it fully opaque.

But just look at that color! It absolutely screams summer to me.

Essie – Throw in the Towel


‘Any-fin Goes’ is a bright beautiful orange cream. Just gimme all of the oranges.

This was similar to the other 2, and I think for most people it’ll be an easy 2-coater. I did have some ridges peeking through still so I added a 3rd.

You know, I just might have to bring this shade into fall with me, it’s just so pretty!

Essie – Any-fin Goes


Next up we have the namesake of the collection. This is ‘Sunny Business’ and it’s a pale yellow base with golden shimmer throughout it.

This one was a little more finnicky for me than I was expecting. The base is more of a shimmer than a true cream, so it wasn’t as opaque as I was hoping. This was 3 coats built up, and even still it didn’t feel as “opaque” as the color in the bottle. Maybe thicker coats will do it, but I’m always here to give my honest opinions on formula!

Essie – Sunny Business

Still pretty, but I just wanted something a little bit smoother.

Essie – Sunny Business


‘Seas the Day’ is the other shimmery polish of the bunch. It’s a light sky blue base, with a touch of green to it. And then subtle teal shimmer all throughout. I will say of course, I do wish the shimmer was more apparent on the nails. It does get a little lost, especially outside of my bright lights.

This still had some streaks and patches after the 2nd coat, but I was able to get it opaque in 3 coats. Again, a touch more sheer than I was expecting.

Essie – Seas the Day

The 3rd coat does fully brighten the color up to match up to the bottle. But especially in this photo, you just see how minimal that shimmer is, which is a shame! I think the teal shimmer would have been absolutely gorgeous.

Essie – Seas the Day


For the last 2 polishes of the bunch we have 2 purples. Up first is ‘U’V Got Me Faded’ which is a light lilac cream shade. This was almost the opposite of those last 2 shimmer formulas, and had a stunning formula. It could easily be opaque in just 1 smooth coat, and is really one of the standouts of the group.

Essie – U’V Got Me Faded


Last but not least, we have ‘Suits You Swell’. This is a deeper and more pink-toned purple than ‘U’V Got Me Faded’.

These last two polishes really bring up the quality, and it’s another that could be easily opaque in just 1 smooth coat. It’s a thicker formula, so it just floats onto the nail so nicely, and is so easy to control. Absolutely lovely!

Essie – Suits You Swell


And that’s the collection! For me, the two standouts were those last 2 purples with just absolutely beautiful formulas. The two shimmers did leave me wanting a little more in the end.

But overall, I think it’s another lovely color scheme and all of the polishes go so well together. I think it’s perfect for a summer release and for the warm weather as well!


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