Sally Hansen NEW 2021 Color Foil Polishes – Swatches & Review

A BLAST FROM THE PAST. That’s right, Sally Hansen has re-released their Color Foil line!

The original line released back in 2014, and had 10 shades. Now that was back before I fully got into polish and swatching, and before my instagram and blog so I didn’t grab them. So I won’t have the originals to fully compare.

In this new line, we have 7 shades. I have 6 of them, with one being out of stock when I ordered (I’m missing Vio-lit, the lilac purple). These have different names than the previous release, but the colors seem pretty similar so they translate well. Looking at old swatches, it seems like the shades now “missing” in the new release are a super bright pink, a more teal-blue shade, and a yellowy-green.

Sally Hansen describes these as a high shine shades that dry to a mirror finish. So of course I was super interested to see how any foiled shade from the drugstore would hold up.

I grabbed these from CVS’s website, as my local stores can be bad about getting things in stock. They retail for $8.99 each, so more than their Insta-dri lines, but cheaper than the Miracle Gels. They come in these square metallic bottles (Sally Hansen does love to have 16 different bottle shapes) with a different colored sticker to match the polish inside.

Let’s look at the swatches!

Now most of these have a pretty similar formula and feel the same. A lot were opaque in just 1 coat, but I chose to build them up with a few more coats to fully smooth out the ridges in my nails, and create a smoother look. These are more shimmery looking, and have more brushstrokes while being painted on, but as you can see in the final photos, as well as the live swatches, those strokes disappear and it dries to a smooth almost chrome finish! Super lovely, and I was more impressed with these than I thought I would be!

Now let’s get into the individual colors!


These are all the same almost foil-like finish, with just different color tones. First up we have ‘Fuchsia-ristic’, and this is a well, fuchsia, pink shade. Like I mentioned, this was super smooth and fully opaque in just 1 coat. I did build it up to cover my ridgey nails more, but on smooth nails it’ll be a quick 1 coater.

There are a tiny bit of brushstrokes left – obviously more noticeable under my bright lights and close up. If those truly bother you, you can sponge on the final coat for a super smooth finish!

Fuchsia-ristic Live Swatch

Sally Hansen – Fuchsia-ristic


‘Rose Beam’ is a shade I thought was more coppery at first, but as the name says it does lean a touch more rose gold on the nails. Again, opaque in just 1 coat, though I chose to build up coats for a smoother finish. These do dry pretty quickly as well so easy to add more coats on.

This one had a touch more brushstrokes leftover, so definitely suggest making sure to paint as straight as possible. Or again the sponging technique can come in handy as well!

Rose Beam Live Swatch

Sally Hansen – Rose Beam


‘Gold Standard’ is, as you can guess, the gold shade of the bunch – definitely leaning more into the platinum gold side of things. This one was a touch more uneven on the 1st coat, with some patches peeking through (you can especially see in the live swatch). But easily opaque in the 2nd.

Same story here with the brushstrokes – not super noticeable but it can be sponged on as well.

Gold Standard Live Swatch

Sally Hansen – Gold Standard


Now this one might be my favorite because who doesn’t love a mint green foil! This is ‘Cutting Hedge’ and I mean, come on the name is great as well. Again, same story here, pretty well opaque in 1 though I chose to build up coats for a smoother finish.

Cutting Hedge Live Swatch

Sally Hansen – Cutting Hedge


Next, we have ‘Sky-Fi’, the cool-toned, almost indigo blue shade. And you know it, basically opaque in 1 but can be built up for an even smoother finish.

Sky-Fi Live Swatch

Sally Hansen – Sky-Fi


And last up we have ‘Steel a Kiss’, the traditional silver foil shade we had to have in a collection like this. This was the only other one that was a touch uneven on the 1st coat, but was easily opaque with a 2nd.

Steel a Kiss Live Swatch


And those are the shades! Honestly I had low expectations going into this (nothing against you, Sally, sometimes you just don’t want to be disappointed), and I was pleasantly surprised! For drugstore foil shades this came out well, and gave a cool finish on the nails! Obviously if you want even more of a mirror finish that’s going to be hard to get out of mainstream polish, so I think these are pretty good and about what we can expect! (For truly chrome, you’ll have to look into specialty polishes, or chrome powders, so I’ll take this). Like I said, I was missing one shade,

Like I said, I never got the originals, so I can’t tell you if these are worse or better at all. But looking at old blog posts and swatches, it seems to me to be about the same finish – these new ones might be a touch more shimmery? But hard to tell how foiled the originals could actually be with normal application, especially when I don’t have both right in front of me to look at. In the end it’ll depend on your technique for applying them – whether with base goats or sponging to get the most mirrored finish you can.

Are you interested in any of these?


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4 thoughts on “Sally Hansen NEW 2021 Color Foil Polishes – Swatches & Review

  1. Thank you so much — just discovering these looking for an alternative to the chrome powders bc I’m not that adept. There’s a Kwame x ORLY version of that silver but Orly tends to chip on me & Sally is reliable, so I’m anxious to try these. The swatches look great 🙂

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