Essie Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

The temperatures are finally (and hopefully for good) dropping over here, and so I immediately soup. I was still sweating while eating it but you know, the thought is there and I still declare soup season is on.

And so OF COURSE there’s even more fall collections to look at, we’re not done with them just yet! Continuing right along, we now have Essie’s release to look at. We have our normal 6 bottle release, and I grabbed them from Ye Olde Target (how dare Essie keep these from my beloved discount prices of PolishPick, but I digress). We have 4 creams, and 2 shimmers in a variety of interesting shades and colors!

So let’s get right into the swatches!

Now you’re going to hear me repeat this over and over, but the formulas in this collection were absolutely incredible. Pretty much all of these shades were opaque in just 1 coat, and they were so smooth on the nails! So there’s a quick summary that if any of these shades catch your eye, you won’t be disappointed.


Going off the numbers on the bottles here, up first we have ‘Off the Record’. This is a deep berry red cream, perfect for the fall time. As mentioned above, this is a stunning cream formula and was pretty well opaque in just 1 coat. I added a 2nd coat for some super nitpicky patches, but if you have smooth nails this will be a 1-coater.

Off the Record Live Swatch

Essie – Off the Record


‘Hight Voltage Vinyl’ is a STUNNING deep shimmery forest green base with this bright golden glitter all throughout. Another that basically paints itself on and is opaque in just 1 coat! Super stunning, and you can really see it in action in my live swatches!

High Voltage Vinyl Live Swatch

Essie – High Voltage Vinyl
Essie – High Voltage Vinyl


Next up we have my favorite thing and that’s AN UGLY COLOR. That’s right I love them all, give me all of them to wear proudly on my nails! Where my ugly-pretty fans at.

We have ‘My Happy Bass’ here and it’s an almost pea-green yellow-y cream shade. Just look at the weirdness. And you guessed it, another 1 coat formula. Like I said I was incredibly impressed with all of these and how opaque they were without being super thick on the nails. So good!

My Happy Bass Live Swatch

Essie – My Happy Bass


The other shimmer of the bunch is ‘Star Struck a Chord’. This is a warm-toned deeper purple base with an almost coppery glitter all through that gives it an almost red flash. And you know the drill, another easy 1 coat here. They speak for themselves.

Star Struck a Chord Live Swatch

Essie – Star Struck a Chord
Essie – Star Struck a Chord


‘Sound Check You Out’ is such a hard color for me to describe. It’s an almost taupey, beigey, browney gray cream? Maybe some purple in there too? You tell me if you have ideas what to name this one. And would you guess, ANOTHER EASY ONE COAT POLISH. So amazing!

Sound Check You Out Live Swatch

Essie – Sound Check You Out


And our last shade of the bunch is ‘Feelin’ Amped’. This is a gorgeous dusty blue shade, with just the slightest touch of teal to it that I just love, keeping it more different than my other deeper blues! And of course, a 1 coater, how can it not be with this rich of a shade. So lovely, so smooth!

Feelin’ Amped Live Swatch

Essie – Feelin’ Amped


Tthat’s the collection! And if my gushing wasn’t enough, I’m here to reiterate just how incredible in formulas this collection was – the best fall formulas so far! Everything was basically 1 coat, and so smooth and nary a patch or uneven spot to be seen!

If any of the shades capture your attention, I can definitely recommend grabbing these shades! You won’t at all be disappointed with any formula here.


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