Color Club ‘Save the Date’ Collection – Swatches & Review

NEW COLOR CLUB. Listen, if you’ve been around this blog for ANY amount of time, you’ll know how much I love Color Club. They’ve wormed their ways into my heart, and now I must own all they release. So of course, I get excited when they drop a fall release. LET’S LOOK AT IT SHALL WE?

This is the ‘Save the Date’ collection and it features 6 creams in more muted autumnal tones. Color Club describes it as “Rustic, dreamy, and totally romantic, each shade has been expertly designed to evoke the effortless beauty that every bride dreams of!”. So you know, you could wear it to a wedding. Or just in your living room because you want because they’re prettttyyy.

I grabbed these form the Color Club website as always. There are a lot of accounts out there that have 20% off codes (check out @livinglacquered or @whoaitsjessica, two of my favorites). I also always recommend watching Color Club’s instagram as well, as they’re constantly having sales and always posting them there! Either way, we can save, baby.

This entire release is the most perfect fall color palette, and I absolutely love them all! SO let’s get on into the swatches already!

Up first we have ‘The Bling Ring’, and it’s a dusty, almost brick red cream shade. Super lovely, and a super easy 2 coat formula here!

The Bling Ring Live Swatch

Color Club – The Bling Ring


This next shade was my favorite, and not just because I’m a sucker for any sort of interesting yellow. This is ‘Something Vintage’ and it’s a soft, pale yellow, almost “wheat” shade. Yes, I’m going with wheat and I’m STICKING with it. And this is definitely a unique color in my collection, which is always a feat.

Another super easy 2 coat formula and no complaints!

Something Vintage Live Swatch

Color Club – Something Vintage


Now we get into the greens of this collection. First up is ‘I Do Crew’, a lovely warm-toned olive green shade that we all love in the fall times. I’m wearing this exact shade on a sweatshirt right now, we love it.

And you guessed it – another easy 2 coat cream formula here.

I Do Crew Live Swatch

Color Club – I Do Crew


Up next we have ‘Mint to Be’. I’m not sure why we went with mint for this one, especially with the next shade, but you know I won’t linger on it.

Instead of mint, we have a dark teal cream shade. (And I was just so proud of my camera for picking this up as actually teal and not blue for once). And another easy 2 coat formula.

Mint to Be Live Swatch

Color Club – Mint to Be


You see what I mean that this shade should have been mint, but IT’S FINE. Anyways, this is ‘Totally A-veil-able’ and I love the pun so I’ll forgive it all. And as you might have guessed, I’m calling this a light mint green pastel cream.

And another 2 coat formula – even with such a white-based shade, so I was impressed!

Totally A-veil-able Live Swatch

Color Club – Totally A-veil-able


And last up, we have ‘Black Tie Optional’. This is a very deep charcoal gray shade. It’s a softer, and not as stark as a straight up black polish, and I ended up really loving this!

And well of course, an easy 2 coat formula here, just like all of the others.

Black Tie Optional Live Swatch

Color Club – Black Tie Optional


And that’s the collection! A lovely color palette, and just great formulas all across the board to match! Every shade was a 2 coat formula here, and so smooth and easy to paint on. So if any shades catch your eye, they’ll be great additions to pick up!


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