Zoya ‘Nostalgic’ Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Alright, I believe this is the last of the fall collections I’m going over for the year! A strange thought really as the weather has JUST now cooled down, and it truly feels like fall NOW. But that’s now how it works in the polish world, okay, we gotta keep going, it’s almost HOLIDAY COLLECTION time.

So let’s look at this last fall review ALRIGHT.

This is the Fall 2021 release from our pal, Zoya. It features 6 cream shades – the Zoya cream formula is usually amazing, so I’m always excited for an all cream release from them. It may seem boring to you, but they’re a great option to build up a collection, and a stash of lovely, wearable colors. And I just love all polishes okay. This is the ‘Nostalgic’ collection, and features some lovely dusty, and almost muted shades, perfect for the cooler temperatures.

I grabbed these from the Zoya website as always, where you can grab them as a set or as individual shades. I do also recommend watching Zoya’s social medias around a new collection release, as they’ll often bundle them with other products as well for a discounted price! In fact, for this collection, you can still grab the Nostalgic Bundle, which features the 6 polishes along with 6 wide brushes and the Defend & Shine kit. (I already had those items so didn’t want doubles, and went ahead and just ordered the 6 polishes on their own).

So let’s get on into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Mila’. This is a deep, warm toned berry red cream shade. I was using the normal skinnier Zoya brush, so it was definitely more uneven on the 1st coat than it would be with the wider brush. (You might see a little struggle in the swatch video as I adjust to the brush, I’m used to wide now, okay). But a 2nd coat easily covered and made it opaque and smoothed out the color.

Mila Live Swatch

Zoya – Mila


Up next we have our first of two pinks. This is ‘Rumi’, and it’s the warmer-toned, rosy cream shade. Again, an easy 2 coat formula here – even with the skinnier brush. This one feels more “neutral” than the next one, so it’s a gorgeous palate cleanser after all of the vampy fall shades.

Rumi Live Swatch

Zoya – Rumi


And then ‘Vivi’, the cooler toned blush pink cream shade. And you know it, again an easy 2 coat formula here, no complaints!

Vivi Live Swatch

Zoya – Vivi


Continuing right along we have ‘Austin’. This might be my favorite of the bunch, as I always love a dusty periwinkle cream shade. Broken record here, an easy 2 coat formula.

Austin Live Swatch

Zoya – Austin


‘Cooper’ is another gorgeous shade, and one of my favorites. This is a warm-toned deeper olive green cream – you know it, one of my favorite types of shades as well. Again, easy 2 coat formula here.

Cooper Live Swatch

Zoya – Cooper


And last, but not least, we have ‘Becca’, a gorgeous deep purple cream shade, the vampy tone of my DREAMS. It definitely had some uneven patches with this one on the first coat – a combination of the deep color and the skinnier brush. But it all smoothed out and was fully opaque in 2 coats. Super lovely!

Becca Live Swatch

Zoya – Becca


And that’s the collection! As always, we have the reliable Zoya cream formula shining through in this collection, so if any of these shades catch your eye, you won’t be disappointed. (Although, please Zoya, make the wide brushes the standard, okay).


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