Orly x Kelli Marissa ‘The Greens’ 2021 – Swatches & Review

Kelli Marissa is a big name in the nail world, being a prolific nail polish reviewer, as well as consistently putting out easy to follow nail art and designs. I had previously purchased her first collab with Orly – 3 galaxy themed shades with so much gorgeous shimmer to them (you can see my post on them here. Unfortunately they’re all sold out, and were limited edition, but maybe they’ll show up in a destash later if you missed on them!) So when a 2nd collab was announced, I was very excited and expected the same amount of glitter and sparkle – I was not disappointed.

This is the ‘Greens’ release, and as you might have guessed, features 2 greens created by Kelli herself as her “favorites”. This is just a duo, with 2 polishes. Both retail for $12 each, and are available still on the Orly website! They feature the same bottle design as the first release as well – with a label featuring Kelli’s handwriting with each polish name.

Now this duo was even more special to me, as my lovely Insta-friend Martina reached out about them and asked if I could send them along since they weren’t available in Germany! And of course I said yes because she’s the sweetest and we got them sent on over! She posted a lovely manicure using these shades, so definitely check it out! They work together so well, and of course she deserves more love – if you love both polishes and books, you’re in for such a treat. And it’s just so cool to see how polish connects us, and how Instagram has expanded my community to so many people around the world!

I wanted to wait until she received them herself to swatch them up, and now that they’re there safe and sound, let’s look at these gorgeous polishes!

The first of the two is ‘Kelli’s Green’. This is a gorgeous bright lime green shade with golden shimmer all throughout. This was an easy 2 coats, though I could have maaaayyybee gone with a 3rd shade to cover that touch of visible nail line showing through. But of course, that’s being more picky in bright lights and zoomed in camera – so most will be good with just 2 coats. This could be a great Halloween shade as well!

Kelli’s Green Live Swatch

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Green
Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Green


And the other half is ‘Kelli’s Emerald’. This is a deep emerald green jelly base with tons of shimmer to it, in bright lime green, and even some blue and turquoise. Definitely more a sheer 1st coat, with that jelly finish, but it easily built up and just came to life with that 2nd coat (which you can really see with the live swatch!) Super stunning, and this could be gorgeous with the holidays!

Kelli’s Emerald Live Swatch

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Emerald
Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Emerald


And that’s the duo! A quick little post for just 2 polishes, but they’re so fun and sparkly and I love adding them to my collection. If you’re a fan of either Kelli, or Orly, or just love the shades themselves, they’re a great little treat to grab!

Are you at all interested in these?


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