Orly ‘Wild Natured’ Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

I spilled my Pumpkin Cream cold brew on myself right as I was finishing up this post, so you know this feels fitting. Happy fall y’all.


Alright let’s get into the review, as the caffeine courses through my veins. And of course, we’re looking at yet another fall collection! This is the ‘Wild Natured’ collection for fall 2021 from Orly. It features 6 saturated cream shades in another gorgeous color scheme (I think this is the perfect “fall version” of their summer release as well). It’s a different take on fall color palettes and I love it!

As always, I received this as part of my Orly Color Pass that I purchased. If you haven’t read my previous Orly reviews – the Color Pass is a thing Orly does where you pay one larger sum at the beginning, and then you receive 4 Orly collections throughout the year automatically. Each box always contains that seasons 6 piece release, as well as other additional goodies. I absolutely love it, and it’s been perfect for someone like me who always plans on purchasing any collection anyways! I definitely recommend it but of course it depends on your own polish purchasing habits.

But enough chatting, let’s get into the swatches!

Alright we shall go in a rainbow order because that’s just what I do with each collection. So first up we have ‘String of Hearts’. This is a bright saturated berry cream shade.

Now I noticed a lot of the shades in this collection are “squishier” than I expect with normal Orly creams. They have a little bit of jelly to the formula, so they’ll be a touch more sheer on the first coat. There’s nothing wrong it, just want to make sure you know exactly what to expect when going in with these shades! (the main point of all of my posts is to give you all notes on a formula).

But even with a more sheer first coat, this one, as well as others later on in the post, builds up easily with a 2nd coat.

String of Hearts Live Swatch

Orly – String of Hearts


‘Bird of Paradise’ is the deeper and more coral-toned of the two oranges in the collection. Again, a little more sheer, but again it builds up easily with just 2 coats.

Bird of Paradise Live Swatch


‘Lion’s Ear’ is the brighter and more warm toned of the two oranges. Now this one has the most jelly-like formula, really more of a crelly feel. It gives the squishier look on the nails, but that does come with more sheerness. This is the only one that I had to build up with 3 coats. And you can see it does almost dry with a more satin finish as well – so you can top it with top coat for a glossier look.

Lion’s Ear Live Swatch


‘Wild Willow’ is the gorgeous yellow-toned olive green shade that I cannot get enough of in the fall time. This was the same 2 coat formula as the other previous shades, and no complaints here!

Wild Willow Live Swatch


‘In Full Plume’ is a deep, saturated teal cream shade. (I was just so excited that my camera actually captured the green in this shade, normally teals give it so much trouble and they all look blue).

Again, a touch more of a squishy formula so the first coat was a little more uneven than I was expecting for a deeper cream shade. But it builds up easily in just 2 coats and is fully opaque.

In Full Plume Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Blue Tango’. This is a rich cobalt blue cream shade. Again, a touch more jelly to it, so don’t be turned off by that more uneven 1st coat. It once again easily builds up with a 2nd coat and is fully opaque.

Blue Tango Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! Again, these shades had a touch more jelly to them than I was expecting – so if you’re expecting incredibly saturated creams right off the bat, that might throw you off. But it’s not a bad thing, as most of these build up easily in just 2 coats! ‘Lion’s Ear’ was the only shade that took 3 coats and was the most sheer formula – so as always will depend on your own preferences!

I absolutely loved this color palette, and love that Orly has been giving us “non-traditional” cream releases for each season! They all go so well together, and I love it. Are you interested in any of these shades?


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