China Glaze ‘Autumn Spice’ Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

The temperatures dipped down to 70 degrees, it’s obviously FALL NOW (she says ignoring the pop back up to 84 later on in the week). I have my first Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew next to me so it’s time to review some more FALL COLLECTIONS.


The one we’re looking at today is the ‘Autumn Spice’ collection from China Glaze for fall 2021 – but I’m sure you gathered that from the title. It features 5 cream shades, and one shimmer.

This collection is the most fall of fall collections you could ever ask for, from the colors themselves to the names as well (I mean, it’s even called Autumn Spice). So if you’re missing out on any fall staples, this collection is for you. Or if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of these stereotypical fall shades. As always, I grabbed this collection from my favorite, (Not sponsored at all – I do get a discount purchasing there, but I was purchasing every collection I could from there before they ever offered me even more money off. It’s just the best prices every time.)

Alright, let’s get right into these gorgeous swatches!

First up, we start off with the lightest and most neutral of the bunch. This is ‘The Snuggle is Real’ (see what I mean about the fall names as well), and it’s a more pink-toned light brown, almost beige cream shade. This had an absolutely gorgeous formula, and was basically opaque in just 1 coat. All of the creams in this collection were fantastic and so easy to work with, so this started us out with a bang.

The Snuggle is Real Live Swatch

China Glaze – The Snuggle is Real


Listen, I already have a million mustard yellow nail polishes (including one from a previous China Glaze fall collection), but I’m also a person who just needs them all okay. I won’t be stopped. (And I’ll compare them all for you in a future post).

This is ‘Autumn’s Up’, and it’s the gorgeous mustard yellow shade that I wear constantly throughout the fall (I have to stop myself from buying 16 sweaters in this shade). This had a more sheer 1st coat, but it was an easy 2 coat formula overall.

Autumn’s Up Live Swatch

China Glaze – Autumn’s Up


‘Love You Latte’ is a warm-toned medium brown cream shade. And again, another easy 2 coat formula here and no complaints. I know a good brown can be so popular for so many, so this is a great option!

Love You Latte Live Swatch

China Glaze – Love You Latte


Again, a burnt orange, a shade I already have 16 other bottles of, and a shade that I will never get enough of!! You can’t stop me!!!

This is ‘Spice to Meet You’ (surprised we didn’t go for a pumpkin name), and it’s the gorgeous burnt orange cream that we see everywhere in fall decor as well. And you guessed it, another easy 2 coat formula here.

Spice to Meet You Live Swatch

China Glaze – Spice to Meet You


‘Modern Auburn’ – how I describe myself as a 21st century redhead – is a deep burgundy red cream shade. This just feels so sultry on the nails and I love it. Again, an easy 2 coat formula here.

Modern Auburn Live Swatch

China Glaze – Modern Auburn


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have our one shimmer of the bunch, and IT’S THE BEST FOR LAST. This is ‘Love ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em’ and it’s a STUNNING shimmery green with some golden, almost copper sparkle all throughout. And another fabulous formula, almost opaque in just 1 coat. It’s so smooth and glides on like butter, I love it. I know so many have loved it for obvious reasons!

Love ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em – Live Swatch

China Glaze – Love ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em
China Glaze – Love ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em


And that’s the collection! Sure, you might think these are “basic” shades, but as I always say I’m not here to judge what colors are new and exciting because they’re all always exciting to me! And maybe someone is new to polish and needing those fall staples, so here they go!

No matter what, it’s about the formulas and they’re all fantastic in this release! All 1-2 coats, and so smooth and easy to paint on! You can’t ask for more from creams, and as a cream fanatic, I was fully satisfied.

Are you grabbing any shades from this release?


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