Holo Taco ‘Tea Crèmes’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Listen, even though it can seem like I’m buying every nail polish I could ever want and showing it on this blog, with my budget there are still brands out there that I can’t buy every release from – even though I very much want to. Holo Taco is one of those brands (still sad I missed out on the Christmas collection last year). Yes, I want every single polish they put out, ever. But no, I can’t always buy them while I’m buying all of these other polishes (I know, a terrible problem to have really). And I don’t often ask for nail polish for Christmas either as clearly I’m buying things whenever I want them and it’s often seasonal collections that I prefer to not wait on.

Well, this year I combined the two things, and I asked for this lovely collection for Christmas that I had been drooling over for so long, and I’m so glad to have in my little goblin hands.

If y’all don’t know already, Holo Taco was created by Cristine of SimplyNailogical, a well known polish enthusiast and YouTuber. So I knew she would give us a beautiful creme formula. And wow, did she not disappoint. And she has a great love of tea, so only fitting that we got a tea themed collection.

This beautiful little release is the Tea Cremes collection and it features 6 shades of gorgeous, saturated and delicious creme shades – all with a fun tea theme. These were released a couple months ago in 2021, but obviously are not limited shades.

This collection is still available as a bundle on the Holo Taco website, as well individually for $11 each. Now let’s dive on in.


First up we have ‘See Y’all Later Chai’, a warm-toned almost sandy-yellow beige creme. Now this looked terrible against my cool skintone, but it’s a beautiful formula (spoiler alert: the formulas for all of these shades is beautiful). But a super smooth and easy two coat formula here! You can just see it glideeeee so easily in the swatch videos.

These are thicker cream formulas, but not in a way that makes them hard to work with. For me, it meant I could do thicker coats, and not worry about flooding my cuticles. They were so smooth and easy to work with, and the thicker formula helps with that, as well as helping with the 1-2 coats needed for opacity.

See Y’all Later Chai – Live Swatch


Continuing right along with a color that always gets my heart. This is ‘I’m Over Brew’ and it’s a deep berry, almost burgundy cream shade. And again, a super smooth and easy formula to apply. This one can almost be opaque in just 1 thicker coat, though I did 2 as usual.

I’m Over Brew – Live Swatch


‘Butterscotch Hop’ is a bright orange-toned yellow creme. This was the only shade that I needed 3 coats on just a few nails – my nails are super ridgey and cause streaks in cream polishes more often (and I was probably looking too closely and being too picky, it was probably fine on 2). But for most others who don’t have this and have smoother nails, it’ll be an easy 2 coats. Yellow polishes can also just need more coats in general, so I wasn’t mad. Still a gorgeous formula and application.

Butterscotch Hop – Live Swatch


Another shade that was my favorite is this pale, warm-toned green shade called ‘Matcha Maker’. And y’all know the drill, even with such a light, white-based shade like this, just 2 easy coats to fully opaque.

You can see in the video I did do a very thin application for the 1st coat – I had a touch of issue with the polish running down the brush and flooding my nail while filming the live swatches (where I have to be cleaner), when I couldn’t wipe the brush off as easily. So I overcompensated with far less polish. This does cause it to be more streaky, but you can see that 2nd coat still fully covers and makes it opaque. So clearly this made no difference, but of course I tell you my every thought and experience with a polish.

Matcha Maker – Live Swatch


Okay maybe this one is actually my very favorite of the collection. I just love a lot of polish shades, okay. Anyways, this is ‘Bring Me the Teal’, a deep, saturated and rich, well, teal shade. And this had a GORGEOUS formula, even more gorgeous than we’ve seen so far. This was another that could be opaque with just 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. So lovely and smoooooth.

Bring Me the Teal – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least, we have ‘Hibiscus High Tea’. And just like the others, we have an easy 2 coat formula here. This one felt like it dried a touch more matte, or just satin than the others, and I think it’s because of the brighter color and pigments in it. But obviously it’s not super noticeable, and for any of these, if you want more shine you can just add a top coat.

Hibiscus High Tea – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! Listen, of course I get excited over holographics and other fun finishes and combinations. But there’s just something about a good CREAM shade. When I find a cream with an amazing formula, I’m always in love, and I can’t get enough of them. So this collection was made for me. I knew Cristine would give us a stunning and smooth formula, and this didn’t disappoint.

Clearly I’m in love because I love Cristine, and I love creams and these colors. But really, you can see for yourself, the formulas are phenomenal and apply so easy, and they’re great options for adding to your collection. I’ll always show the performance, and you decide for yourself from there.


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