OPI ‘Xbox’ Spring 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

HAPPY SPRING, EVERYONE! Why yes, since Spring collections always start hitting shelves at the same time each year and every single year I make the same comment about writing this spring post while it’s snowing outside. AND THAT WON’T STOP THIS YEAR, there’s snow on the ground while I’m writing this happy spring post!!!

Anyways, if it’s not yet the most exciting time of the year in where the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s at least the most exciting time of the nail polish year: when the first seasonal collections pop up. I do always love a Spring collection, with their bright pops of color – even if I am a big fan of deep, dark vampy shades year round.

And it’s always most exciting for me to start out a new season with OPI. OPI is always the most popular posts on both my blog and Instagram, so clearly you all love it as well.

This year, we have a little collaboration collection for Spring, with OPI joining forces with Xbox. Yes, I didn’t expect it either, but I’m here for whatever. This features 12 mostly cream shades that range across a bright and happy, almost pastel rainbow with various themed names that match up across Xbox and its exclusive games.

As always, I grabbed this collection from my favorite, polishpick.com. (If you purchase from there, put my name in the drop down as who sent you. Not at all an affiliate thing, just helps show where traffic is coming from).

Now let’s get on into the swatches!

Starting out with our pinks, we have this very interesting shimmer. This is ‘Pixel Dust’ and it’s a bright, warm-toned pink, almost with some peachy tones to it. And then it has tons of these silvery flakes all throughout giving it an almost foiled look to it.

The formula is a little thinner, feeling like an almost jelly pink base to allow all of the flakes to come through and layer up. So I built it up in 3 thin coats, but I didn’t mind as that finish is so stunning and beautiful! I’ll always take a thinner formula that allows a shimmer or flake to come through.

Pixel Dust – Live Swatch


Up next we have our first cream shade of the bunch. This is ‘Racing for Pinks’, and as you can imagine it’s a bright, warm-toned pink shade. Again, pulling a little more peachy, but then as we continue on through we have an actual peach shade, so still very pink compared to that.

Now, I gotta say it, as least for the creams in this first half of the collection, they weren’t bad, but they weren’t my all new favorites from OPI. These felt a little more squishy, and it almost felt like there was some jelly added to these shades. They felt a little more sheer and uneven, and I found myself often adding a 3rd coat to fully smooth out the shades – that was mainly because of my super ridged nails, but I’ve had other OPI creams that still covered in just 2. I have a very high standard for OPI at this point, as I’ve swatched so many of their polishes over the years, and I just know there has been better! I’m always here to be honest, even with a favorite brand. They just could have been better.

You can even see in these swatch photos, that the ridges in my nails are still almost showing after 3 coats, so this cream and others just felt thinner and less smoothing than other OPI creams. Thinner than some of the later creams in this collection even.

Racing For Pinks – Live Swatch


And now we flip back from a cream to a shimmer. This is ‘Heart and Con-soul’ (points for me loving this name). This is a strawberry red shimmer shade with tons of golden glitter all throughout. This shade is often pulling more warm-toned once on the nails, but I chose to show it as it was on my swatch stick with those definitely blue undertones – so just keep in mind it could pull warmer on your own skin.

This was an easy 2 coat formula and super smooth and easy to paint on the nails!

Heart and Con-soul – Live Swatch


Now back to the creams. This next one is ‘Suzi is My Avatar’ (if you didn’t know, the founder of OPI is named Suzi so that’s why there’s always a Suzi-named polish in each collection), and it’s the actual peachy-coral-y shade that I mentioned before. Pulling somewhat orange, but then we have an actual orange later.

So again, this had the cream issue – I feel like you can really see it in the live swatch that the formula almost has some clear base to it. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, but then the ridges in my nails popped through and made it streaky, so I added a 3rd coat. Just not as thick and opaque as I would have wanted – but again, not the worst to even work with at all, I’m just being very picky and honest here.

Suzi is My Avatar – Live Swatch


And ‘Trading Paint’ is our true orange shade. It definitely leans a touch more cool-toned and peachy on the orange spectrum.

And again, the same type of more “squishy” cream formula as others above, and could have been better. I did 3 coats to fully smooth and even out everything on my nails.

Trading Paint – Live Swatch


‘The Pass is Always Greener’ is a yellow-toned green? A green-toned yellow? It’s right in between the two, and really a perfect shade for summer. And you know the drill at this point – a slightly squishier, almost crelly feeling cream formula here, so I did 3 coats to fully cover my ridged and uneven nails.

I gave it a touch more of a pass since lighter almost yellows like this can be difficult, but as always it’ll depend on your own nails and application.

The Pass is Always Greener – Live Swatch


Next up is the shade that everyone was lusting over from the promo shots. This is ‘Sage Simulation’. This is definitely a shade that leans more dusty blue – but the green shimmer in it can cause it to pull more green in certain lighting.

NOW the promo shots did really pump up the shimmer on this one unfortunately. It’s very subtle, and hard to pick up, even in my zoomed in shots and direct lighting. I do wish it was more way apparent and more of a green flash, but oh well. At least the base color is great – but keep your expectations realistic for that shimmer. This is why I’m always here to swatch it first for y’all.

Maybe because of the shimmer, this was a thicker formula for me and it was an easy 2 coats to full opacity! So gorgeous color and lovely formula.

Sage Simulation – Live Swatch


Up next we have ‘Can’t CTRL Me’. This is a gorgeous medium-toned Cinderella blue shade with the most subtle of silver shimmer to it. This was pretty well opaque in 2 coats, again a touch thicker than the plain creams. Though it had a touch of squish to it, so depending on your application you might want a 3rd, but I think for most it’ll be good in just 2 coats.

That shimmer is very subtle but it gives it just a little shine and dimension on the nails.

Can’t CTRL Me – Live Swatch


Now we have our next shimmer. This is ‘You Had Me at HALO’, and it’s a deeper, more purple toned icy blue shade with tons of blue and silver glitter all throughout. I know this is a spring collection, but this shade was giving me all sorts of wintery vibes (maybe I’m thinking that because of said snow outside).

I got this pretty well opaque in 2 coats, but depending on your preferences and application, you might need a 3rd because it’s one of those shades than can look patchy at certain angles. But again, I don’t mind a thinner formula to build up some shimmer – it dries quickly so the 3 coats weren’t bad at all.

You Had Me at HALO – Live Swatch


Continuing right along the rainbow, we now get into our purples. This is ‘N00Berry’, that’s right with zeroes, and I can’t remember the last time I heard the term “n00b”, nostalgia here.

This is a rich, saturated warm-toned purple cream shade. And FINALLY we get the thicker, pigmented OPI cream formula here, and it’s an easy 2 coat formula. So lovely and much smoother to paint on.

N00Berry – Live Swatch


‘Achievement Unlocked’ was a surprise favorite and love for me out of these! This is a lighter, warm-toned lilac cream shade. Another true spring shade to me. And again, I’m glad we’re ending the collection on better formulas – this was an easy 2 coat cream, and you can see in the live swatch how it’s much more smooth and pigmented on that 1st coat.

Achievement Unlocked – Live Swatch


Last, but CERTAINLY not least we have ‘Quest for Quartz’. This is a blush-toned neutral with gorgeous silvery flakes all throughout. I have this shade on as a full manicure and it’s a beautiful softer manicure.

And again, ending the collection with a GORGEOUS formula. This was thicker and so smooth – easy 2 coats and so good. I loved it.

Quest for Quartz – Live Swatch


And whew we made it to the end! This was a fun color palette for me – but some of the cream formulas here weren’t my favorite. So it’ll depend on your own preferences and application overall. It did really feel like a spring release, so I enjoyed swatching these!

Are you interested in any of these shades?


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4 thoughts on “OPI ‘Xbox’ Spring 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I was honestly surprised to see Xbox collaboration with something that was traditionally seen as strictly feminine. I’m super down for it though – now gamers will have more than Dorito dust to adorn their fingies. For real though, I do hope for more game collaborations. It’s a shame I don’t buy OPI on principle (I’m trying to only buy cruelty free cosmetics and I have way too much polish), but You Have Me At HALO apparently also allows people to get a glittery purple skin for Halo infinite multiplayer. With the cat-ear cosmetic item, I hope to see more sparkly cat super soldiers running around. Shame the promotion is only for the US though. I’m a bit miffed that a lot of the names seem pretty generic (to the best of my knowledge). I think the HALO one is the only one that directly references a property. I feel like Gears of War can inspire a pretty gunmetal rust-flecked or frosted polish. Or a Viva Pinata multi-coloured bar-glitter polish.

    Beautiful pictures as always. Your dedication to polish craft is impeccable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it definitely surprised me as well, but same I’m here for more non-traditional collaborations! And yeah I do wish they coordinated more – maybe fully licensing more than one was too much, but I do wish they matched more. Even just a bright neon true Xbox green. But OMG gave me flashbacks for Viva Piñata! I played that game SO much, I had the official guide and everything! Absolute throwback.

      And aw thank you! That’s so sweet and I’m always glad to hear it 😊


  2. Heck yeah! Viva Pinata is the best. COVID actually made me brush off my copy of Trouble in Paradise and I tried to 100% it. Made Excel spreadsheets and everything to keep track. What I’d give for a new one.
    I wasn’t aware they had their own guidebook! It makes sense though: how are you expected to do half of the stuff in there without a guide? Do you have a favourite Pinata? I always had a soft spot for Taffly. The bean shape body with their little leggies just melt my heart.

    A bright green neon polish for the classic XBOX logo would be amazing though! Hopefully, this opens an avenue for future collaboration between the two companies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh yes I would love a new version! I don’t have an Xbox anymore, so I need an updated one! And for real how could you ever figure all of it out without it. I absolutely loved the show of it as well 😂 Hmm for my favorite pinata, I think my favorite had to be the fudgehogs because they were so silly looking I loved them.
      and Yes! would love even more fun collabs like this!


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