Zoya ‘Naturel 5’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Heyoooooo we have some neutrals to look at! And some CREAMS. Now, if you haven’t picked up on this before, lemme tell you: I love a good cream shade. Sure, fun complex finishes are fun at times, but nothing has my heart like a good cream formula. And our pal Zoya here has a reputation for having a delightful cream formula, so when they release a set of creams, I’m IN.

This is the Naturel 5 collection from Zoya. Their Naturel collections are often a release of more neutral/nude shades, described as “transitional”, and as you probably picked up there have been 4 others before this, and this is #5. We all got there together. Anyways, I picked this up from the Zoya website in a little bundle which included their Hot Lips (their lip gloss formula) as well as wide brushes for all of the shades. Unfortunately this bundle isn’t available anymore, but the shades are all available individually for $12.

In this set of 5 polishes, we have some light beiges, some medium browns, and a deeper purple shade, so a fun little set of shades. Let’s get on into the swatches!

Now these first two shades are VERY similar. At first glance in the bottles, I was wondering if I got two of the same shade. (You can see in the photo above they look similar in the bottle). So I’m going to make a bold declaration and say they were not both needed in the same collection. On more of a closer glance and on the nails, you see they have two different undertones to them, but still they’re so close it’s interesting that they chose both for the collection. I understand that there have been 4 other Naturel collections before this so maybe they’re running out of neutrals but STILL. I don’t think you’ll need both – pick an undertone and you’ll be set.


ANYWAYS. The first of these shades is ‘Chelsea’. This one is the lighter, more peachy one of the two. This was a little more of a sheer formula, which I tend to expect with super light, white-based shades like this – so I used 3 thin coats to build it up. I did also have the wide brushes on these shades which always helps to float coats on as well, but it’ll be good by 3 coats. It was smooth otherwise.

Chelsea – Live Swatch


Now they do look a little more different in photos – but in bottles and in normal lighting the differences are a touch harder to pick up. This one is ‘Sutton’ and it’s the cooler-toned with some light chocolate brown to it. Again, a more sheer formula so I built it up with 3 thin coats. Again the wide brushes help it along, while my super ridged nails work against it, so it’ll all depend on your own nails and preferences – 2-3 coats.

Sutton – Live Swatch


Up next we have ‘Evan’, a lighter warm-toned almost sandy brown cream. This was a little more opaque than the previous 2 shades so it was an easy 2 coat formula. Super smooth and lovely to paint on.

Evan – Live Swatch


Our next brown called ‘Parker’ is again the cool-toned version of the previous shade. This is a nice, light milk chocolate brown cream shade. And just like milk chocolate, it’s so smooooooth on the nails (I’m not sorry about that). Two easy coats here and it was fully opaque.

Parker – Live Swatch


And last up we have ‘Elyse’, our darkest and most purple shade of the bunch. This one is a medium, warm-toned purple cream shade, with maybe just a touch of mauve to it. And another super smooth formula here, an easy two coats.

Elyse – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! Besides a little complaint with the similarity of the first 2 shades – and with them being the most sheer of the bunch – we had some lovely cream formulas. Which I’ve come to expect from Zoya and I’m always glad to not be disappointed!


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