Orly ‘Impressions’ Spring 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

It’s the end of the month and she continues with her blog catch up after a little blog break! Sure it says it was published on the 11th, but that’s the blog magic (and her just changing dates to spread out posts and match them their Instagram dates).

ANYWAYS, let’s talk about our next Spring collection today! This is the Spring 2022 release from Orly, called the Impressions collection. It features 6 lovely, almost muted spring-like cream shades.

As always, I got this with my Orly Color Pass. The Color Pass is a program Orly does where you can pay ahead of time and then you automatically get 4 collections sent and delivered to you throughout the year – along with additional goodies in each box. It’s great for someone like me who is already planning on buying all the shades. BUT they’ve also introduced buying individual boxes, so a great way to try it out first as well! I highly recommend.

So let’s dive into this collection!

Up first we start out with ‘Parcs & Parasols’. This is a rosy-toned neutral cream shade. And it had a lovely formula, 2 easy and smooth coats and this was fully opaque. You can see Orly has wider brushes, so that always helps me float a cream shade on even easier.

Parcs & Parasols – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Danse With Me’. This is a warm-toned peachy cream shade. And again, another easy 2 coat formula! I was impressed with this one as lighter, more white-based shades like that can be a little streaky, but even on my ridged nails it was so nice to paint on. No complaints!

Danse With Me – Live Swatch


‘Golden Afternoon’ makes me feel all warm and sunny inside just like a true golden afternoon would. It’s definitely more of a marigolden yellow, with some definite orange undertones to it. My camera wanted it to pull primary yellow, but it definitely is leaning right in between yellow and orange.

And again, a good formula, which can be tough for any and all yellows. It was still a touch streaky after 2 coats, but I do have super ridged nails that can cause more streaks. I think for all others who have smoother nails than mine, you won’t have issues getting it opaque in 2 coats.

Golden Afternoon – Live Swatch


Well of course this next shade has to be my favorite of the bunch. This is ‘Artist’s Garden’, and it’s a slightly dusty, almost olive-green cream, and I can’t get enough of dusty greens like this. And again, an easy 2 coat formula and so smooth! Absolutely loved this.

Artist’s Garden – Live Swatch


And I mean, well this next shade is a beautiful color as well. This is ‘Bleu Iris’, and it’s a gorgeous cornflower, almost dusty sky blue cream. And a broken record here, another easy and smooth 2 coat formula here.

Bleu Iris – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Provence at Dusk’. This one is a lighter, warm-toned lilac purple shade, reminding me of my mom’s lilac tree she always had. Perfect for spring. And to finish off the bunch, another easy and smooth 2 coat formula all around.

Provence at Dusk – Live Swatch


And that’s the round up! So far this one has felt very spring and I love the florals and it’s just making me all excited for warmer weather and sunshine. And just as we expect from Orly, there were all lovely cream formulas here. The only one I did 3 coats for was ‘Golden Afternoon’, but that can be because of my super ridge-y nails causing their issues. Overall I can recommend these shades, and I can always recommend the Color Pass!


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