Glam Polish ‘Little Women’ Trio – Swatches & Review


Glam Polish has been so kind to send over their recent collections for me to try out and show to you all, and I’ve been so enjoying it! Of course, you know the drill, just because they’re sent over doesn’t mean I’ll automatically love them and it’s still all my own honest thoughts and you would see any bad formulas right in the live swatches. But as I ALSO always say, PR is great for me to be able to show you more brands and polishes than I would have in my own budget. It’s a win all around.

Alright, so let’s talk about this newest little trio. This is inspired by the Little Women story, with names and themes to match. It, of course, features 3 polishes, and they’re all filled with sparkle and glitter and shine. You can find them now on the Glam Polish website. Short collection, short words to intro it. Letting the polishes speak for themselves here!

Let’s get right into them!

Up first we have ‘Books are Always Good Company’, which you know I have to agree with that sentiment. This is a sky blue crelly base with larger purple glitter pieces and golden shimmer all throughout – and I’m just gonna say it, they missed their opportunity to use this as a Monsters Inc polish, I mean come on, this is the perfect Sully shade.

ANYWAYS. This was a little sheer on the first coat, but easily builds up and is opaque with a 2nd. I didn’t mind the sheerness of the 1st coat as it let the glitters build and layer up for a fun little look overall.

Books are Always Good Company – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘I Like Good Strong Words that Mean Something’, I know a mouthful and I’m always impressed when they fit them on the little labels.

This is a deep navy blue base with tons of holographic glitters all throughout, and a bright green to gold flash to it. It shows bright green in my swatch photos and then you get that gold in the videos. It’s so shifty and fun. And as you can see a great formula to match. Some unevenness on the 1st coat, but it’s all easily covered and opaque with a 2nd. Super smooth and lovely.

I Like Good Strong Words that Mean Something – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘She Preferred Imaginary Heroes to Real Ones’. This is a bright, fiery red base with tons of golden shimmer to it and scattered holographic glitters. And again, another lovely formula on this one, an easy 2 coat formula and super smooth to paint on.

She Preferred Imaginary Heroes to Real Ones – Live Swatch


And that’s the trio! I love the mix of shades and formulas in this one, and we had some lovely formulas – all 2 coats, and super smooth and easy to paint on. I have no complaints!


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