Essie Spring 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

She continues right on along with her little blog catch up. I’m tellin’ ya now, by SUMMER, she (yes I mean me) WILL be caught up and back on track with all of these blog posts. That means you’ll be getting so many thrown at you as I go on publishing sprees, but you act like you would hate that. All of the nail posts coming at you!

And the very essential starting point for the catch up: we gotta finish up these spring collection posts. After this we’ll only have Zoya to talk about (who notoriously releases their seasonal shades far after the others). That one will be coming along soon, just you wait. But now, in this post, we’re looking at the only other spring release left un-blogged from our pal Essie!

Now Essie has been on a spree of releasing like 16 collections a year – yes, I do have LOTS of Essie posts on the way to the blog. And among those 900 collections we still have the 4 seasonal releases. SO today we’re looking at their Spring 2022 collection!

This is a release of the typical 6 shades, all in a more muted, and neutral color palette. It’s a softer, quieter release for spring, and you know I’m not mad at it. There’s a spring collection for everyone out there. I grabbed these shades from Target, though they’re also available through Beyond Polish for a touch of a discount!

Now let’s get on into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Sing Songbird Along’, a pale yellow cream shade with an almost touch of gray-green to it. A touch different from a normal butter yellow shade.

This was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, though on my very ridged nails I could have used a 3rd on a couple of nails to smooth it out even more. But I think most will be good with just 3. Super smooth and lovely to paint on, as you can see in the video swatch.

Sing Songbird Along – Live Swatch


Next up is ‘Well-Nested Energy’. This is a light, peachy-toned neutral cream shade. Definitely more peachy on me and my cool-undertones particularly, but this is one that can look different on all different skin tones. So as always – this is just what it looks like on me!

This had a streaky 1st coat, but was pretty well opaque with a 2nd coat. Depending on your application you might need a 3rd to smooth it all out, but I was good with just 2.

Well-Nested Energy – Live Swatch


‘Flight of Fantasy’ has been a favorite of the bunch, and I’m sure you can see why. I mean, of course it’s my favorite. This is a light blue cream shade, with just a touch of green undertones to it. It’s also a little more muted so of course I love it even more.

This was a super smooth and lovely formula, easy 2 coats and no complaints here!

Flight of Fantasy – Live Swatch


Next up is ‘Spring Awakening’, a warm peachy toned, almost rosy cream shade. Another shade that can change depending on your skin tone – this can look more pink or more yellow-toned. I had a few streaks and patches on the 1st coat, but they were all easily smoothed out with a 2nd.

Spring Awakening – Live Swatch


Another favorite, I’m always a sucker for a light purpley-pink shade. This is ‘Stretch Your Wings’, and it’s an almost rosy shade, with all of those purple undertones running through. It’s so soft, so delicate, so lovely.

Again a touch more sheer and streaky on the 1st coat, but easily smoothed and covered and made opaque with a 2nd coat.

Stretch Your Wings – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least, we have ‘Keep Branching Out’, a light, warm-toned almost sandy brown cream shade. This had a super easy 2 coat formula, and I had no complaints here!

Keep Branching Out – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! A different color palette from other spring releases we’ve seen, this one is for the muted, neutral and easy nail polish lover in all of us. Great for little breaks from bright, loud polishes if you ever need them. Overall I had no issues with formulas, with most of these being easy 2 coat-ers. They were smooth and nice to paint on, and if any of these catch your eye, they’re a great option!


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