Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Luck of the Stylish’ St. Patrick’s Day 2017

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and lemme tell you, I AM PUMPED. I mean, I’m a senior in college, and it’s my last St. Paddy’s Day in college what can I say.

But it also means lots of new green nail polish, especially from Sinful Colors.

Today I have the 2017 Sinful Colors St. Patrick’s Day collection for 2017. It’s called ‘The Luck of the Stylish’ and there are 8 colors – I have 6 of them. The display at my Walgreens was pretty well cleaned out, so I couldn’t pick up the gold shade, ‘Gilded Goddess’, and ‘San Francisco’, the dark green cream. It looked like ‘San Francisco’ at least was a repromote – so I wasn’t too worried about that.

Either way, I have the other 6 shades to swatch at least! I have 3 repromotes, and 3 new shades. Let’s start with the new shades.

Up first is 2204 – ‘Works like a Charm’. This is a light pastel green cream with gold shimmers throughout. It has a nice smooth formula. This was 2 thicker coats – depending on your application you might need 3 to even out any streaks.


The shimmer is pretty visible on the nails, but since it’s a lighter color, it doesn’t stand out too much against the green.


Next is my favorite of the collection really. This is 2205 – ‘Queen of Green’. This is an absolute stunning deep, emerald green with bright green and gold shimmers. This can be opaque in 1 smooth coat – I did 2 here which deepens the color and layers the shimmers. I do feel like a queen when I wear this.



It looks like Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz in a bottle.


Up next is the topper from the collection, 2206 – ‘I’m Clover It’. It’s a clear base with 2 different size metallic green shimmers, matte light green hexagon glitters and metallic shamrocks. This was 2 coats of it, so you can see it’s a sparse topper. Also there’s no clover pieces in this picture because THEY ARE SO DANG HARD TO GET OUT OF THE BOTTLE. Even with tipping it over and swirling and trying so hard, I could not get that many. So honestly, I’m not impressed with this topper. Unless it’s something that you have specifically been looking for, I would pass on it.



Here it is over another polish from the collection (that I’ll talk about later in the post) and as you can see, it doesn’t add that much. I somehow got those two shamrocks out after about 10 minutes of struggling. And because they’re so big, you can see they don’t lay flat on the nail. Can you tell I don’t really like this topper? No offense to Sinful Colors, as I’ll always love them so much – but this polish is just pretty okay.



Back to the rest of the hits from this collection, and starting on the repromotes. This is 947 – ‘Mint Apple’. It has the same finish as ‘Works Like a Charm’ but with more of a mint-teal color. The gold shimmer is also finer in this one. I absolutely love this polish (such a change from the one before). Opaque in just 2 easy, smooth coats.


Next is another topper. This is 220 – ‘Green Ocean’. It’s in a green jelly base with iridescent flakies. This was 2 coats on the nail, so it’s meant to be a topper.



The last polish is 940 – ‘Rise & Shine’. This polish was in their ‘Stand Down to Stand Out’ collection with the camo glitters last summer I believe. It’s a bright blue-teal color with subtle blue shimmer. Easy formula. 1-2 coats to opaque depending on the thickness of your application.



This is 1 coat of ‘Green Ocean’ over ‘Rise & Shine’. As you can see it adds the iridescent flakies, without changing the color of the polish underneath. This is a topper that adds a nice unique twist to any cream polish.




Lastly, there’s one comparison! This is comparing ‘Mint Apple’ on the pinky and ring fingers, vs. Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua’ from their summer collection this year. As you can see ‘Viva Antigua’ is more blue, but they have that same shimmer throughout.


So there’s (most of) the Sinful Colors St. Patrick’s Day collection! All in all, there was only one polish I would pass on from this collection, but otherwise the rest has very nice formulas! If you pick only one – ‘Queen of Green’ just makes you feel like royalty. But any of them are great green polishes to add to your arsenal for any St. Paddy’s outfit.

Are you picking up any from this collection? And do you have any big St. Patrick’s Day plans?



7 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Luck of the Stylish’ St. Patrick’s Day 2017

  1. Your swatches were very timely, I bought the first three polishes and am planning on combining them for a crazy St. Patty’s day mani tomorrow 😀 It’s not really surprising that those clover glitters are a pita to get out, but I’m surprised out how sparse the other glitters in the mix are at two coats! Thanks for the warning, haha.


  2. I’m not into green polishes (I know, don’t hate me!) but I really like “Works like a Charm”. How interesting to have the gold shimmer in a minty green like that.
    And I hate those toppers where the glitters are so sparse and impossible to get out of the bottle. Too much effort!
    I hope you had a great St Patrick’s Day. 🙂


    • Works Like a Charm is such an interesting take on a green so I loved it! And I know, the struggle wasn’t worth it for that topper! I had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day, thank you! I hope the same for you!


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