Hard Candy Sheer Envy ‘Prismatic Highlighter’


Today I have a review of a Hard Candy product. If you don’t know, Hard Candy is a brand available exclusively at Walmart. You can buy them on Walmart.com – which thank god, they seem to be better at putting their new products up. (I’m going to be moving away from access to a Walmart, where I only go for Hard Candy, Flower, and the other Walmart exclusives, so that’s a relief for me that I don’t have to leave them). ANYWAY.

This is the Sheer Envy ‘Prismatic Highlighter’. It claims to give “an Iridescent effect on skin” and retails for $6.


It comes in a sturdy plastic package, with holographic detailing on it. It’s actually really cute packaging.


At first glance, it reminded me of the new NYX duochromatic highlighter, so I was excited to try it and compare them. As you can see there are shimmers and glitters of different colors all throughout it.


You can build it up to give you a subtle pink flash as you turn your cheekbones. But it’s very glittery, and the prismatic part really only comes from the glitters all throughout.

Ah, I’m just so disappointed. It looks so beautiful, but then it swatches very chunky, and there’s just not much there. It’s a rough feeling formula, which is weird. I do have to build it up, and like almost press it into my skin, to get the pink tone. It does give a nice pinky shine to your cheekbones for a couple hours, but it fades quickly, and just leaves behind shimmers everywhere on your face. Not my favorite. I just have better drugstore highlighters.


Honestly, though it is so cheap, I would say pass on this. You can get a better prismatic highlighter from NYX. Pick up the one in ‘Lavendar Steel’ and it’ll give you the same pink-toned duochrome finish, but with an actual duochrome finish, without the shimmers. It’s only $2 more at Ulta.

This isn’t against Hard Candy at all, as I love their other products – in fact I have reviews coming up from them soon of products I love. Unfortunately, this was just one dud and it won’t keep me from trying their other products.

Whomp. Stay tuned for more positive reviews!


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