China Glaze ‘Chic Physique’ Collection

It’s been a little while! I was doing so well at keeping up a steady stream of reviews, and then of course life happens. I got busy during the week, and then my mom came down and visited! We finally saw Hamilton – the off broadway version, but it was still so good! I finally understand the hype and the show.

And so I’m finally finishing up the spring collection posts – it’s not summer until June 21st remember.

Rounding out the spring posts, I have the China Glaze ‘Chic Physique’ collection. This is of course a 12 piece collection, and reminded me constantly of how I should be out running while I was swatching it. Whoop, there are always other days.

You know, enough rambling, let’s just get right into it!

Up first we have ‘Low-Maintenance’. This is a nice rosy nude shade. There’s some nail line on 1 coat, but it’s pretty well good on 2 coats. If you manipulate it too much, or do thin coats, you might need a 3rd to cover it fully. This is a lovely nude shade on my cool-toned skin.


‘Pretty Fit’ is a more warm toned rosy neutral shade. It’s a little warmer in real life than it’s showing here, but it’s a lovely pink shade. This does have a thinner formula, so it can run down the brush, and flood your cuticles if you put on too thick of a coat. But even with a thinner formula this was an easy 2 coats to get opaque.


‘Bodysuit Yourself’ is a bright fuchsia pink shade. This has a slight shimmer throughout. It’s much more obvious in the bottle than on the nail, but it gives the color a nice shine and depth on the nails.

I got this opaque in 1 easy thicker coat. It has a super smooth formula, and will be perfect for the summer as well!


‘Athlete Chic’ is a more coral toned orange shade. This had a smooth first coat, but will need 2. If you manipulate it too much, or you have some ridgey nails like mine, you might need 3 coats. But I did find this dried pretty fast, so 3 coats honestly wasn’t too much of a hassle to do.

And look at that bright beautiful color!



‘Pilates Please’ is the lighter of the two oranges. This is also more pastel and leans more yellow than ‘Athlete Chic’. This was another one with a thinner formula, so I would do thinner coats, or else I found it would pool down at the end of the nail more, and take longer to dry. As long as you wipe of the brush, you won’t flood your cuticles either.

This did have a more sheer formula. In my bright lights, I needed 3 to cover all of the uneven areas. In normal, everyday life, you can probably get away with 2. This did seem to take longer to dry as well. So overall, this color was a little more finicky than the others. If it’s a color you’re looking for specifically, be ready to put some more work in.


Up next is ‘Werk It Honey!’ – idk I would be so motivated at the gym if a strong woman yelled this at me. Is that just me? Is that weird?

This formula was overall good and smooth. You could get it opaque in 2 thicker coats. You might need a 3rd, depending on your nails. I did have some ridges still, as well as some uneven patches near my cuticles at the base of my nails from the brush. 3 coats covers it up just nice. It’s a yellow, so 3 coats is completely normal.


‘Activewear Don’t Care’ is a more squishy dark green shade. It’s more of a crelly formula. It had a thin first coat, and is another that can flood your cuticles with too thick of a coat. It was pretty well good on 2 coats, although I preferred 3 thinner ones.

I will say I have some darker greens like this, and with thicker formulas. So if it’s the certain shiny look you’re looking for, this is an option. Otherwise I think there’s better formulas of that same color out there. Just pretty standard, not amazing.


‘At Your Athleisure’ is a nice dusty, minty shade. It can lean a touch more green out of photos as well. Another that can run down the brush, just make sure to wipe it off before applying. This was pretty well good on 2 – thinner coats might need 3 to cover up any ridges. (This reminds me of the shade from the Essie Spring collection…. I’ll have to compare them..)


‘Glamletics’ is one of my favorite shades of the collection. It’s a bright cornflower blue-purple shade. This is another with shimmer that’s very subtle on the nails unfortunately.  But I still love the color otherwise. The first coat can be a little sheer, but it evens out with a 2nd thicker coat. It’s a smooth, easy to control formula, and just a stunning color. Have I mentioned the color yet?


‘Barre Hopping’ is a nice pinky purple shade. Broken record – but another that can run down the brush, so just make sure to wipe it off. Otherwise, it’s an easy 2 coat formula, and lovely to work with. Another one of my favorites.


The crowd favorite of the collection is ‘Get it Right, Get it Bright’. This is a beautiful light purple shade with tons of red-pink shimmer. And this shimmer is actually visible on the nail. Most nails were good with a 2nd thicker coat – some might need a 3rd one to even it out.


But that shimmer. I’ll work for it, I will.


The last shade of the collection is ‘Girl on the Glo’. This is the one metallic of the collection, and is a gorgeous champagne sandy metallic with bigger silver-green shimmers throughout. This is another one where 1 coat will give you a sheer “perfected nail” look. Otherwise it can be built up to opaque in 2 easy coats. It doesn’t have brush strokes as well, and is a softer looking metallic. Absolutely lovely.


There were a few standouts in this collection: ‘Glamletics’, ‘Get it Right, Get it Bright’, ‘Bodysuit Yourself’ and ‘Girl on the Glo’ were my favorites. Otherwise, I feel like there were some pretty standard shades in here, nothing too out of the box. There are some good neutrals and softer shades if you’ve been looking for.

But I don’t know, I wasn’t blown away by this collection, I’ll be honest. There were a lot of 3 coaters, and some more thinner formulas. I feel like I’ve seen better in formula from China Glaze. They look lovely together, but it’s a little pick and choose for formula.

Don’t worry, I still love China Glaze. As always, whenever I’m a little more “negative” in a review doesn’t mean I think all of the brand is terrible. China Glaze’s year before this was stunning so sometimes it’s a little hit and miss. I do have good hopes about their summer collection.

And that’s the last of the spring collections finally! As it’s been down in the 50s again over here, it’s fitting really. Where is the warm weather again?

That means summer collections are on their way! I’ve got the OPI Grease collection coming up first, as well as the Orly Neon Earth collection and the Sally Hansen new Crayola shades. As always, lots of stuff coming up to the blog! Stay tuned!


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