Color Club ‘Pride & Joy’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Whew, it’s been a little bit since I’ve put up a post! If you didn’t see in my last one, my computer had some keyboard issues, so there were extra spaces all over the place, and it was just a pain to type up posts! But it’s all fixed up, I have a lot of swatches and posts to get up, so August will be full of reviews! I don’t want to ramble too much, so let’s get right into it!


Color Club recently has had a lot of sales, including a BOGO, on their website, so I chose that time to stock up on some neons, as well as some of their newer collections. (Color Club likes to release like 9 collections at once, so I didn’t grab them all). But they have some beautiful shades, and I think they’re truly underrated! So you’re about to get a whole lot of Color Club action.

This first collection we’ll be looking at today is the Pride & Joy collection! I believe it was released for Pride month, but of course, we accept LGBTQIA+ all months of the year, and these are just beautiful colors for anytime of the year (or the warmer months if you’re feeling more seasonal). It has 6 cream shades, some with shimmer throughout them as well.

These retail for $8.50 each on the Color Club website, but as mentioned they have a ton of sales, so I don’t think I’ve ever grabbed them at full price! Be sure to follow their Instagram or mailing list to be notified of different sales!

Let’s get into swatches already.

Up first is ‘Choose Happiness’. This is one of two pinks in the collection, and is more cool-toned than the other. It’s a bright medium pink that almost leans into purple.

It had some streaks and uneven spots on the 1st coat, but easily evened out and was pretty well opaque with a 2nd coat. I did have some ridges peeking through, so I added a 3rd, but most people will have it opaque in just 2.


‘Joy to the World’ is the more coral-toned and warm of the two pinks. It’s a warm, bright bubble gum pink with a bright orange shimmer throughout.

This had a streaky 1st coat, but starts to build up well with a 2nd coat. I had some unevenness still, so I did add a 3rd to fully cover and make it fully opaque. This formula felt a little thicker, and I found if I didn’t have enough polish on the brush, it could skip a little with coats. So definitely be aware of that while painting. You can load up more polish on the brush, and the thicker formula will keep it from flooding your cuticles.

Being nitpicky, I do wish the shimmer was a little more prominent on the nail – I have this same critique for other ones in this collection as well. It does give it a nice glow on the nails, but I’m just always here for more shimmer.

But it’s still a beautiful color overall! Can’t deny that.


‘All You Need is Love’ is a super bright neon orange shade with silver shimmer to it. This had a more satin-matte finish, as you can see in the photos, so the coats do dry more quickly.

It had a little bit of an uneven 1st coat, but like the others builds up well in 2 coats. It could be opaque with a 2nd thicker coat, but I did find too thick of coats tended to pool more, especially at the end of the nails. So 3 thinner coats here, and as mentioned the coats dry quickly so they’ll go by fast.

The silver shimmer in this one does give it some dimension on the nails, so I think that worked well! Overall, another neon perfect for summer.


‘Do You, Boo’ is a super bright highlighter yellow-green base with light golden shimmer to it. It had a very streaky 1st coat – something I expected with this kind of neon yellow. But it builds up super well with a 2nd coat, (surprising me), and is pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. I had some patches with my ridges peeking through so I did add a 3rd coat for a couple nails.

This is one where I wish that shimmer was a little more noticeable on the nails. It very much gets lost and is kind of wasted, unfortunately. A beautiful shade on it own, but I think it could have been even better with that shimmer.


‘Rainbow Bright’ is a bright mint green base with golden shimmer. It had some streaks on the 1st coat, but a 2nd coat easily covered it and made it opaque. This was super smooth and easy to control, and a great formula!

The shimmer in this one is a little more apparent and gives a nice little glow to the color. BUT IT COULD BE EVEN MORE APPARENT. Okay I’m done, it’s the collection of more hidden shimmer and I just want a lil more, okay.


‘Glow Baby Glow’ is a bright teal cream shade. This shade definitely battled my camera and didn’t want to be quite color accurate – it was showing way too blue when there’s definitely some green to it – I think I got it as close as possible. It’s super bright on the nails, yet still has a touch of dustiness to it.

Like the others, it had a streaky 1st coat, but is fully opaque with a 2nd coat. Another easy formula on the nails, no complaints!


And that’s the collection! Overall nice formulas, super bright colors, and some hidden shimmer. Of course, my one note for all of these is I do wish the shimmer was a little more apparent in each of these shades. But the colors on their own are beautiful and bright and fun, and they’re all easy formulas.


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  1. I do sometimes love the effect that the more hidden shimmer can give, but it’s really hard to see it in the bottle and not want it to be super apparent on the nail! That being said, it is a fun twist to add to neons/brights!

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