Nails Inc ‘Naked in Neon’ Set – Swatches & Review

Whooo boy I went a little dark there for a while (okay like a month). I can’t explain it, I just apparently needed to not blog for a while, but now we’re catching up so that’s right you’re getting like 9 posts over the next two days. You know, that feeling when you don’t feel like doing anything for a couple weeks, and then suddenly you have the motivation to bring the blog back up to speed. We have to ride this motivation as long as it lasts.

This is also a good place to plug my Instagram (always linked at the end of posts as well), as I always post swatches there first even if the full blog posts aren’t finished. But enough rambling, we have posts to catch up on!!


So summer may be winding down, but of course, there’s still some posts about neons to look at. It’s still warm down here, so event though I’m very ready to wear some sweaters and drink pumpkin spice lattes, summer isn’t over yet. Let’s look at some neons I wore!

I always said I’m not that much of a seasonal polish wearer, and wear any color you want any time of the year, but dang, did this summer heat have me craving ALL of the neons. I know, groundbreaking. In this first review we’re looking at the Nails Inc Naked in Neon set. I had seen swatches of this from other lovely creators I follow and lord, I could not resist, it just looked so beautiful. And I’m so glad I didn’t.

This retails for $22 on the Nails Inc and Sephora websites for 4 of their full sized nails polishes – keep in mind their individual polishes can retail for $15 each, so this is a pretty solid deal all around.

It features 3 bright neons and one neutral beige cream. Let’s get into the swatches already, as these beauties basically speak for themselves!

I will say the Nails Inc brush can take a little getting used to. If you haven’t used them before, the large square white cap pops off to reveal a little more manageable smaller brush. It is a shorter and smaller handle to hold onto though, so again it can take just a little getting used to. It’s a wider brush which I always enjoy, and it helps really paint the polish on smoothly.


Up first we have ‘Walker’s Court’. This is a super bright and juicy neon orange. The first coat was super smooth, and had just a few patches. But overall a 2nd coat easily covered it and made it fully opaque! And it’s this bright without a white base underneath!

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a ton of neons in my collection just because I couldn’t be bothered with 2 coats of a white base underneath, plus 2-3 coats of neon on top. But lately, neon formulas have just continued to improve and blow me away and I can’t get enough of them.

Nails Inc really surprised me with this set, and all of the neon formulas are just incredible (spoiler alert).

Nails Inc – Walker’s Court


‘Sun Street Passage’ is the super bright warm-toned neon pink. This has a more crelly-like formula, so you can see that it looks a little more squishy on the nails.

Even with a more crelly-like formula, it was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats again. I had a touch of nail line still, so I did add a 3rd coat, and the color just brightened even more. Again, just 3 coats and no white base, and it’s blazing on the nails, so I was so impressed.

Nails Inc – Sun Street Passage


‘Knight Rider’s Street’ is the shade that absolutely BLEW me away in this set. This is a super bright green-toned highlighter yellow neon. It definitely leans way more green than other traditional neon yellows I have in my collection. But this FORMULA.

This was just TWO COATS. That’s right, two coats, no white base and it’s so bright and smooth on the nails. Absolutely incredible, and I can say one of the best neons in my collection now. I do wish this was available individually so everyone could snatch up this beauty easily, but honestly the whole set is great as well, so it wouldn’t be a loss to have the other 3!

Nails Inc – Knight Rider’s Street


Last up we have the neutral, the “palate cleanser” of the bunch, if you will. This is ‘Goldborne Road’, and it’s a cool, almost rosy-toned beige cream. (My bottle does look super separated and unmixed, but I had no issues with the color coming out smoothly).

And it was another easy 2 coat formula overall. I had some ridges after the 1st coat, but a 2nd covered it fully and made it opaque. A lovely neutral if you’re having some neon fatigue (if there’s such a thing).

Nails Inc – Goldborne Road


And that’s the set! Overall, I was SO glad I picked this up, and as I mentioned so many times, it absolutely blew me away with the neon formula. Especially ‘Knight Rider’s Street’, you can just see how much I loved it and how beautiful that was.

This is a great set, and the various polishes I’ve tried from Nails Inc this summer have me looking forward to what they continue to release from here!


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