Holo Taco ‘Cristmas Glitters’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Well Merry Christmas, or shall I say “Cristmas” everyone (that’ll be explained later)! Yes I know the date on this post says December 3rd, but I am in fact writing up on Christmas day (I change the dates on posts to match when the swatches were posted on Instagram, to keep them spread out and also in order). I’m here in Chicago on this Christmas day and the city is so empty and there’s just something so magical about that. I’m seeing my family before and after actual the actual holiday, so I’ve been enjoying my quiet day just getting up some blog posts finally.

And so fitting on this Christmas day to post up about these holiday glitters from Holo Taco! Yes, you read that right in the title, they’re the “Cristmas” glitters – without an H. Holo Taco’s founder, Cristine, spells her name without the H so it’s a fun little play on her name and spelling! Fun facts for you.

And more fun facts: these glitter polishes originally released last holiday season. I hemmed and hawed over them for far too long and then suddenly they were sold out and I missed out on them. But then a Cristmas miracle! They were re-released again for this holiday season and I didn’t wait this time and snatched them up (even though they’re still fully in stock).

This bundle features 6 super glittery and shimmery holo shades in some gorgeous holiday shades. They’re jelly bases that are just jam packed with sparkle and I was just so mesmerized by them. I wanted them with my little grabby hands. And if they’re catching your eye, as mentioned they’re still in stock on the Holo Taco website. Treat yourself for this holiday season.

Let’s get into these swatches!


And of course I had to start out with the gorgeous “Cristmas” red. This is ‘Naughty List’, and it’s a bright cherry red jelly base just jam packed with scattered holographic shimmer and larger glitter pieces. Absolutely a sparkle-fest here.

Formula-wise it is a jelly base filled with dense glitter, so it’s a touch more sheer. However this base is more pigmented than other shades but I still preferred to build and layer this up with 3 thin coats. On the 1st coat, there is definitely the most texture with those larger glitters, but by the 3rd, the jelly base layers up there and helps smooth it all out. I do prefer thinner coats with this formula as too thick of coats can get goopy on the nails and take too long to dry. Just make sure there’s enough polish on the brush or it can skip a touch. You’ll be able to feel out the perfect amount of polish as you go.

Otherwise I didn’t have any issues painting it on and smoothing it onto the nail. The glitters pick up and nicely and it’s easy to paint the next coat over to layer up the glitters. Overall it’s just such a gorgeous effect!

Naughty List – Live Swatch


Next up we have another classic Christmas shade with ‘Gold Play Button’. As the name says it’s an almost clear base filled with scattered holographic shimmers and all sorts of gorgeous different sized gold metallic glitters. So magical under my bright lights.

This one did have more of a sheer base than the one above but I was still able to layer and build it up to fully opaque in 3 thin coats. And all of my thoughts stand the same as the shade above: go for thinner coats to make sure it’s not too goopy, with enough on the brush for it not to skip! Again any texture really smooths out by that 3rd coat, but a top coat will really bring out that shine and sparkle.

Gold Play Button – Live Swatch


And to round out the trio of essential Christmas colors we have this stunning green! This is ‘Everything is Pine’, and it’s an emerald green jelly base packed with that same scattered holographic sparkle as well as larger sparkly green glitters. This is definitely one of my favorites, that green is MAGICAL.

This base was a touch more pigmented, like ‘Naughty List’ above, but broken record here with preferring to build it up with 3 thin coats. You know it all, they’re all similar formulas here.

Everything is Pine – Live Swatch


Now for the 3 “less traditional” Christmas colors. Up first is ‘Plumb Luck’, and this is a deeper purple jelly base with the same holographic sparkles and bright magenta and silver glitters. It’s truly my favorite swatch photo to just stare at of the set. I mean come on LOOK AT IT. My camera was truly above and beyond with this one.

Y’all know what I’m going to say: 3 thin coats here to build and layer it up, it smooths out, it’s just so stunning.

Plumb Luck – Live Swatch


This one was so interesting, and I love a more unique shade in my collection, especially in a holographic finish. This is ‘Choco-Holo’ and as you can imagine, it’s a warm chocolate brown jelly base with the scattered holographic sparkle and scattered golden glitters all throughout.

And of course formula-wise it’s just like the others. The base is on the more pigmented side, but still layer ‘er up with 3 thin coats, and just appreciate all that sparkle.

Choco-Holo – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least, we have ‘Black Holo Wish’, and of course, it’s a black jelly base with that scattered holographic sparkle and larger silver glitters. I love the darker base and the way the glitters just contrast against it, like a night sky.

This base was the most pigmented of them all, so I was able to get it opaque with just a 2nd thicker coat. If you’re using the same thinner coats, you might need a 3rd to cover any last patches. But super gorgeous and another favorite!

Black Holo Wish – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! These are such a beautiful formula and finish – something different from a normal scattered holographic shade that we’ve seen from the brand before. And if you love glitter bombs and chunkier glitters, you’ll absolutely love these polishes. What do you think of them?

Of course they can be a touch messy on removal with all of that glitter – so for these I would definitely recommend glitter clips, remover pots or just pulling the cotton down off the nail instead of twisting. But it’s the holidays, so if there’s ever a time to be covered in glitter it’s now.


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