Swatch/Review: Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Limited Edition ‘Queen of My Heart’ Collection

Hello friends! The post you’ve been waiting for, and the makeup I never get tired of – limited edition Wet N Wild collections. BRING ON MORE. I LIVE FOR THE WHITE LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING.

Sorry this took so long – I was on Spring Break this week. You would think that would mean I would get a lot of work done with all my time. INCORRECT. My roommate and I went on down to Chicago – she had some job interviews and we had a blast otherwise!

But here it is now!

Anyways. I have all the products except for the lip palette – I don’t tend to use lip palettes at all, so I decided to pass. But I do have the highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, brush and cream color sticks! I was so happy to see new eyeshadow palettes in this collection – I missed out on the fall ones, so I was just itching to have some new Wet N Wild trios.

This collection is called the ‘Queen of My Heart’ collection, and features 2 highlighters, 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 cream Lip & Cheek tints, a lip palette, and a new kabuki brush.

You can buy the whole collection now on Wet N Wild’s website – – for $30. Hopefully the products will be available individually soon as well.

So there’s lots to talk about – let’s get right into it.

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Review: City Color Cosmetics ‘Intense Blush Quads’ – Collections 1 & 2

Today’s post comes from the depths of archives of photos I have stashed in folders within folders. I haven’t had the time to create new posts lately because of school, so I wandered the folders to see if I had good photos from all the fruitless times before this I tried to (unsuccessfully) start and keep a blog. And I found some buried treasure!

Today’s post is about a loved product that’s been in my collection for a while, that’s still available today, and something I still recommend for many people! It’s very much like all of the blush palettes coming out in the drugstore recently (but City Color did it first).

This is from the brand City Color Cosmetics. Their products can be found in Five Below stores, or on their website. They have such affordable, quality products, and I can’t stop singing their praises.


For this post I’m talking about their Intense Blush Quads. They have 4 different collections, and I have the original 2 collections to talk about today. These retail for $7.99 a piece on their website – or I picked mine up at my local Five Below for $5 a piece. They also have a deal on their website where you can pick up Collection 2 and Collection 4 for $12.99. Absolutely so affordable.

So let’s get right into it!

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Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson ‘Vintage Anime’ FULL COLLECTION

Another Kandee Johnson collection? THAT’S RIGHT. The first collection was called ‘Pretty Vintage’ and was all cream colors with a lovely matte or textured finish – see my post about it here. This collection is called the ‘Vintage Anime’ collection and features all lovely glitters and a range of fun toppers.

Of course I needed both.

Now there are 12 polishes in this full collection. I found them on a larger standalone display in my Walgreens, separate from where new Sinful Colors displays usually are. There’s a variety of finishes in this collection, but pretty much all of them have glitter or shimmer in them.

These have rose gold shiny tops, instead of just matte black like normal, a little like the Sinful Shine line, but are still part of the normal Sinful Colors line. But they also retail for $3 each, instead of the normal 2. They all have the ‘Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors’ sticker on the caps as well.

I was going to go in numerical order, but many of the polishes that have similar finishes aren’t numerically after one another (why, God, why), so I’m going to go in little sections. I’m going to group them by different finishes and formulas.

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Swatch/Review: Flower Beauty ‘Flower Pots’ Powder Blush in ‘Warm Hibiscus’

It’s getting to the point where I honestly only go to Walmart for the makeup. Curse you, Walmart exclusive brands! Flower beauty and Hard Candy keep me coming back. Luckily they’re cheap and just so pretty that I can’t be too mad.

This product I have today, I saw so many others hauling it, and as soon as I saw the photos of it, I knew I had to pick one up.

This is from the brand Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore’s makeup brand. Before I was skeptical of the brand, almost seeing it as another celebrity just putting out makeup products. But for Spring 2017, she’s been putting out beautiful product after another. And it’s hard to stop myself from picking them all up. Fabulous job, Drew. My wallet thanks you.

This is her new ‘Flower Pots’ Powder Blush. There are 4 shades, and I picked up the one in ‘Warm Hibiscus’. These were $8.98, and exclusive to Walmart – but you can pick them up on the Walmart website as well.

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Swatch/Review: Orly ‘La La Land’ Spring 2017 Collection

SPRING IS ON ITS WAY. Well, that’s what I’m going to pretend anyways as all of these beautiful soft spring collections come to us. Welcome to my first spring post!

Today I have the Orly ‘La La Land’ collection, as based on the movie of the same name that just came out. I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET SO NO SPOILERS. This also means I don’t know exactly what the names are referencing to, oops. Whatever they’re pretty colors and new nail polish so duh I got them.

I purchased mine off, as with nearly all of the new collections I get.

This is a 6 piece collection, as most Orly collections seem to be. There are 5 creamy pastel shades and then one shimmery topper.

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Review: Revlon ‘Colorstay Brow Pencil’

Everyone who knows me personally, knows that my brows are honestly the part of my makeup routine that I care about the most. It’s a characteristic of me that my eyebrows are always loud and proud. So anytime I see new brow products from the drugstore, I’m intrigued and want to try it out, to see if they might be worthy of the brow routine.

So when I ran out of my beloved L’Oreal ‘Brow Stylist Definer’ (I cry) I thought this was the perfect time to pick up a new pencil. I saw Jessica Braun talking about this Revlon one, so whatever Jessica does, I do.

This is the Revlon ‘Colorstay Brow Pencil’. I picked mine up in the color ‘Soft Brown’, the darker color in the display in my local Walgreens store. It retails for $8.99. On Walgreen’s website, the only color they have listed is ‘Blonde’, so hopefully find this in stores – otherwise all the colors are up on Ulta’s website.

Let’s get on into this review, shall we?

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Swatch/Review: Essence ‘Pure Nude’ Highlight

It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted, but here I am! I’ve been sick for about a week or so, and then it was topped off by an eye infection – so you know that made testing makeup really hard having that. Luckily I had some things saved up to post, and I have some nail posts coming up as well! Spring collections are dropping so it’s about to get busy in the nail world!

But for today, we have a review of a new drugstore highlighter that’s sweeping the beauty nation! It’s the Essence ‘Pure Nude’ Highlighter, and I’ve heard so many good things about it, so of course I wanted to try it out for myself.

This retails for $4.49 at Ulta. So let’s just get on into it.

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